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World Weed Seeds Feminized Seed Collection is our biggest collection with over 40 different strains from around the world. Feminized Seeds are great as it takes away the hassle of having to throw away plants like you would do with regular seeds if you are looking for lovely bud Fems are the way to go.

C.B.D Seeds are, in essence, non-psychoactive, although it may appear to have some psychoactive effects. It has a sedative effect and thanks to the fact that it relieves various pains and symptoms, Its medicinal uses exceed those of any other known cannabinoid.

The Auto Fem Collection

Our Autoflowering Collection is great for new beginner growers as these strains can survive the most rigorous conditions and can take more stress, these are also a great option for experienced growers wanting quality tasting buds in a shorter amount of time than our Feminized & Regular Collection.

These can be either male or female in sex. Not advisable for beginner growers, Great for clones & Mother Plants as Regs are the most stable for cloning and tend to yield the more than autos but be warned regular cannabis seeds do need more attention than Auto & Feminized Seeds

Our instagram page @worldweedseeds is a great place where growers have shared their experience with our great genetics. We also repost your videos & photos on instagram so be sure to show off your work

At Weedseedsexpress we like to make our customers happy. Free weed seeds are part of that which we add depending on your order. In case we offer free seeds with your order, you will see how many free cannabis seeds you will get with your order on the product page.

Online, there are some great cannabis seed suppliers to be found. Yet, as a customer who is planning to buy marijuana seeds online, you have to make a choice where to buy your weed seeds. Such a place needs to offer trust, confidence by providing the best guarantees. Not to mention, the best genetics. Here’s where Weedseedsexpress comes in.

At Weedseedsexpress you order marijuana seeds of the highest quality possible. Orders are processed professionally, with a personal approach and respect for both your privacy and needs. On top of that, we provide:

4. Guaranteed delivery

To grow weed, you need high quality marijuana seeds. But how many seeds do you need to grow weed? And then there’s the question: how many marijuana plants do you want to grow? This ultimately determines how many seeds you need. B…

Our catalog contains over a hundred strains

Buying autoflower marijuana seeds is a wise choice. These autoflower seeds need little attention to grow, which makes them very suitable for inexperienced growers.

One question on every beginner grower’s mind is how much does one marijuana plant yield? On average, a plant will produce 907.2 grams, or 32 ounces, of wet weed. For dry weed, you could get an average of 181.4 grams or 6.4 ounces.…

We ship all feminized marijuana seeds in crush-proof sealed envelops with no indication of what the content might be. You can expect the mailman within 14 working days. And, although he doesn’t know what he is giving you. Boy, he is going to make you happy!

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We offer several payment options, like, Bank, Cash, and Bitcoin. When we receive your payment, the journey of our little feminized beans begins. Read our shipping terms and find out everything about shipping, delivery and payment methods.

Crushproof shipping worldwide

Everyone likes our feminized seeds, from small growers to large-scale commercial growers. No matter your level of expertise, we are happy to give the advice to get the most out of your seeds. The grow guide helps to breed the strains of your choice. And have you ever thought about taking advantage of the climate you live in? Read more about in our online blog.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds strives to be the best seed bank with high-quality feminized seeds only. We offer excellent service, share our expertise and we are very discrete. Check it out yourself on the independent review website Kiyoh. The website where you’ll find out that our customer’s satisfaction is “above the norm”, as they write.

If you want to be overwhelmed by the yield you get out of weed seeds, you should really try our best-feminized seeds. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), we do everything within our power to ensure that each one of the feminized seeds you buy is giving you absolute quality marijuana. High-quality cannabis buds, exactly what you expect and beyond.

The feminized seeds from AMS are just as stable as our “normal” marijuana seeds. Back in the days, when feminized seeds entered the market, they were not always making your dreams come true. But the hard work, research, and development of our own master breeders pay off. We made sure that all our feminized cannabis seeds are stable, high-quality and very productive.