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will cracked seeds germinate

i take different steps more and more drastic all on heating pad
1. soak over night in water lay small piece of terrycloth on top to keep under water if dont sink if soil
2. not cracked switch to peroxide soak overnight
3. if not cracked between napkins the old fashioned way for a week at max
4. after the week nothing to lose i start scarcification i uses sandpaper/ i pick the seal over the split off/ i have broken plugs of the shell off/ i have stuck a razor in split it open not deep enough o do damage you have a tiny space between seeds internals and the outer shell keeping in mind you have nothing to lose

1st. if it takes more then 2 weeks you can almost Garentee that the seed will Not work, either you didn’t germenate then properly or the seeds are No good.

2nd. Gently crack the seeds open? what the heck. the Older Skin being thicker.
The seeds do Not continue to grow once they are off the plant, how the hell does there shell get thicker?


Hope that helps ya some.

I really don’t know how much i would trust that Friends Knoledge.

Do this next time.
Soak the seeds in a cup of water for a day (24hours)
Then take all seeds that Sank to the bottom of the cup and plant them Gently into soil so they can grow.
If they Don’t sink, even after fiddling your finger in the cup, then They most likely will not work.

You obviosly found this site in order to post this question, so Look around, all the answere’s are here!

You’ll then want to fold the paper towel over the seeds so they are completely covered. Now you can put the paper towel with the seeds wrapped within into a holding container if you’d like. Be careful with containers though, as a tight seal with no air flow can become a breeding ground for mold.

When it comes to how to germinate seeds, environment is the first factor to get out of the way. You need moisture, in a warm and dark environment.

A successful germination in rockwool is obvious, since you will see the growth. With the paper towel method, you need to see the taproot popping out from the shell of the seed within a day or so. You can still plant seeds that have not cracked at this point into the medium you use with the successful seeds. They might just be delayed in their growth, or they won’t sprout.

How to Germinate Seeds

With the root already exposed, the plant will grow into the soil faster and more efficiently. Plus, knowing how to germinate seeds can help you determine the viability of your seeds before you plant them. If you germinate a seed and it doesn’t crack, then you don’t waste the time of planting it only to find out later on that it’s unviable.

If it’s your first time growing, you might just plant a seed in the ground and start watering it. While this can work, knowing how to germinate seeds can make a big difference.

To start the germination process, you’ll want to wet the paper towel. Not dripping wet, but to the point that the whole towel is wet while staying strong. Place the paper towel down on a flat surface and put your seed into the center of the paper towel.

Just keep the rockwool blocks wet with pH balanced water. With rockwool, you don’t have to transition your seedlings from a paper towel to the next medium. You can let your plants progress through early stages of vegetation before needing to transplant them to soil or whichever medium you are using.

I’ve just placed 4 pot seeds between wet cotton disks.

The good news is that you can do the same with your teeth just as easily!

72 hours (3 days) have passed, and the last seed to crack is also the strongest. The seeds that were cracked have crooked and somehow yellowish tap roots.

Cannabis Seed Cracker: Is It Really Necessary?

I’ve come across a forum thread where people discuss buying a special cannabis seed cracker tool. I even watched a video where a weed grower uses it for seed cracking. You may google this gadget and spend a couple of dozens of dollars on it. But in my opinion there’s nothing special about a seed cracker. It’s just a simple contraption to hold a seed in place and gently apply pressure on it until the shell gives way with an audible crack. The cracking is done one seed at a time.

Sometimes, marijuana seeds are too weak or too old to sprout quickly, so you need to use some techniques to help them germinate. In this post, I will describe just one method – cannabis seed cracking.

In my little experiment, I used 4 seeds of my OG Kush Auto that I’ve created myself. For some reason or other (because these feminized seeds were made by self-pollination maybe?), these beans are not very quick, especially if the room temperature is low, like it is now – 65-68 °F (18-20 °C). Let’s see if cracking makes any difference.

After 60 hours, the situation has changed in favor of unckracked seeds. A least, the one in the bottom-right corner seems to be the winner.