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where do dispensaries buy their weed

However, many dispensaries in Canada get their weed from Online Dispensary Canada. The dispensary acquires all their marijuana from the BC’s best craft manufacturers and growers. All of these CBD oil products are lab tested to ensure quality and potency.

This is a digital era where everything is going online, and weed dispensaries have not been left out. Many consumers are now opting for online shopping rather than trekking or driving to a store. Besides, many weed users love to make it private, and since the online dispensaries package the weed so well, most weed consumers have embraced this new norm.

How to Choose a Weed Dispensary

In addition to that, you should prioritize weed dispensaries that can offer a broader range of products. Most importantly, ask for lab tests to enjoy your weed without worries.

Therefore, when choosing a weed dispensary, ask about their weed growing and lab tests. Many weed growers indicate how they grow and if they use organic methods. Those who obtain their weed from credible sources will tell you their growers’ farming methods and how they test the strains.

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The recent proliferation of marijuana dispensaries has created an avenue for people who are interested in smoking the drug, but don’t want to directly fund organised crime.

He implies that the rise of dispensaries and their enormous demand for product has made his work much less risky, and set him up with a cushy middleman gig.

The situation of dispensaries next to restaurants and clothing stores across the country has given them an air of professionalism, and hoodwinked people like Bart. It’s easy to forget that they still operate outside the law, and, unsurprisingly, never disclose where their product comes from.

“No store will tell its clients exactly where they get it from,” said James Whitehead, owner of medical marijuana dispensaries in B.C., in an interview.

(He isn’t alone in his preference; 16.2 per cent of undergrad students surveyed recently at Ryerson University say they exclusively purchase marijuana at dispensaries.)

Lincoln Fish encourages those with the right motivations to join the relatively new industry of medical marijuana: “I would love to see more responsible, credible people get into our space and open up dispensaries and do a good job with it,” he says. “The more we do to show the general public just how important this is and how responsible we can be and how well it can be done, the more we’ll get the public opinion on our side.”

“In Colorado, we had a vote in 2012 on Amendment 64, which is the recreational law,” he says. “I accessed the Secretary of State’s website and got the election results for Edgewater [where Northern Lights Cannabis Company is located]. In Edgewater, it passed for 70 percent. Another community, you can find out that information. You can find out the results of those ballot questions and decide, based on that information, whether the community is going to be welcoming or not.”

The recent legalization of marijuana in several states has been an unprecedented process. By legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana, states have opened up a new industry—one that people are clamoring to take advantage of.

Stay informed

Lincoln Fish recommends reading the Cole Memorandum, which gives guidance to U.S. state attorneys on how to prioritize the enforcement of marijuana laws. If you’re in California, he also recommends reading Proposition 215 and Proposition 420.

Furthermore, if medical marijuana is not legalized in your state, any dispensary is liable to be shut down by the federal government. If there are no existing laws or regulations in your area, opening a dispensary probably isn’t a good idea. “If the city or county hasn’t passed anything, then the default position of the state is that there is nothing legal there,” Lincoln says. “You have to be very careful. That could be a problem. You could get shut down.”

“It’s very difficult to build up a patient base when you have people next door who are open 24/7, which you won’t be able to do, who are not paying taxes or social security for their employees, who are not paying federal taxes,” Lincoln says. “That will kill you. You have to play by the rules and they don’t.”

But if hard work, up front cash, and bureaucratic red tape don’t deter you, opening a dispensary is an opportunity for you to be a pioneer in what is soon to be a massive, national industry. Marijuana Business Daily projects revenue generated by dispensaries and retail stores to reach between $6.5 and $8 billion by 2019.