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Although Mexico has yet to legalize recreational marijuana, medical marijuana is legal across the country. Most medical marijuana comes from licensed growers, but some Mexican citizens have successfully applied for and won the right to grow cannabis at home for their personal use, as well. Others should hold on to their seeds for now but expect the tide to turn soon.

The laws regarding possession, use, and distribution of marijuana still vary substantially between countries, states, and provinces, but cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess, at least in the United States, even where marijuana consumption is still illegal. When consumers purchase marijuana seeds without the intent to cultivate them, they are considered an adult novelty good. American adults over the age of 21 can legally purchase seeds online regardless of where they live.

Growing Marijuana in Mexico

Consumers in states and provinces where recreational cannabis is legal have some options. They can save seeds from their previous crops, buy seeds from a dispensary, or purchase seeds online from a seed bank like The latter of these options is almost always the best since it gives growers a far wider array of choices when it comes to marijuana strains and types. Consumers who live in states where recreational marijuana has not yet been legalized can still purchase seeds legally online and have them shipped in discreet packaging right to their doorsteps.

Although it’s always legal for adults to purchase and own marijuana seeds, it isn’t always legal to grow them. Even some states that have legalized recreational marijuana still place prohibitions on home growing. It’s important for consumers to educate themselves about the legality of growing cannabis in their locales prior to planting their first seeds.

There are three main categories of marijuana seeds: regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each type of seed comes in a wide variety of strains.

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