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Although smoking marijuana buds is banned and punishable offense, Cannabis is smoke in huge quantities in India.

According to a news report in 2019, the Government of India is allowing scientists to research on marijuana. The Narcotic department of India has allowed research and development on CBD and THC.

But wait, let’s talk about the history that is not thousands of years old but more recent. Portuguese botanist, when he visited India around 1510 or after, wrote about how Indian people use marijuana in their daily lives.

Legalization drive for marijuana in India

We are going to say something which will blow your mind now! Marijuana and its forms are mentioned in Indian Texts, which are older than 1000 CE.

According to some reports, in the year 2018, a massive 38.3 tons of marijuana was smoked in just New Delhi, which is the capital city of India.

For sure, thousands of people, if not millions, buy weed online in India. The numbers speak for themselves.

After this act, many of the states also started making their laws about the consumption and sale of Bhang. Some banned it completely, and some of the states allowed only government shops to sell it.

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