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vancouver seed co

Waited another 2 weeks. Germinated in water for 1 week, the seeds didnt germinate. Read that seeds can ferment in water after that, so put then in soil, a week later no sprouts.


Ordered 4 feminized seeds. Didnt receive any update for a week. When I emailed a week later, I was told the order was getting shipped out that afternoon. Waited a week and several emails and calls later, 2 of the seeds were sent out, which apparently were the runts of the stock.

guest United States, May 2016

i ordered nevilles haze, 275$ for 18 seeds, 4 females rest were males, consulted a few others and the seeds were not nevilles haze at all, sent vsb a email and zero response, stay away from these guys bunk seeds not worth the money at all.

Depends on who is handling your inquiry.

Called today to ask when the rest of my order was going to get shipped. Told any day now. Asked for seeds that were sent but didnt germinate to be replaced and was told that I should have germinated them in water and 1/2 an inch deep is too deep to borrow MJ seeds and I should have just sprinkled soil on top and then it would have worked out.

Ordered ten indoor mix pack. Sent cash money in envelope, and found these people totally honest and received order np. Only lost one plant due to my own negligence and only had two males!
Would definitely recommend this company to everyone! Order with confidence! AAA+++

We do not encourage anyone to grow marijuana anywhere it contravenes local or federal laws
in any manner that would result in persecution of themselves or others.

VISC inducted into the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall Of Fame in 2009

In some jurisdictions, the personal use of Marijuana can result in incarceration ,
the loss of all your freedoms, and most of your rights;
this is a serious risk if you use or grow cannabis in such places.

Potpourri Special: All Regular Orders receive a complimentary package of VISC Mix
That’s TEN of the Finest Seeds of World Class Genetics FREE with your Order!

GSPOT named HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2009
Fucking Incredible named HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2008

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The Vancouver Seed Bank company has an online website as well as 2 store front locations.

The SECOND LOCATION is in Victoria on majestic Vancouver Island.
Located in historic Chinatown in downtown Victoria.
The Victoria Seed Bank is at
532 1/2 Fisgard St. Dragon Alley
Victoria, B.C.
We are OPEN from 11am to 6pm EVERYDAY!
Call us at 250 380 1385
Visit the Victoria Seed Bank site for details.

The original Vancouver Seed Bank is located at
872 East Hastings St.
in beautiful downtown, Vancouver, BC
We also have a smoke friendly lounge and outdoor garden!
We are OPEN from 11am to 7pm PST EVERYDAY!
Call us at 778 329 1930
Email us at [email protected]

Vancouver Seed Breeders

Vancouver Seed Bank is located in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. The Vancouver Seed Bank Company sells many different strains from many different reliable and experienced marijuana breeders. Below is a list of the cannabis seed breeder’s that the Vancouver Seed Bank uses to supply their seeds for sale.

Barney’s Farm
Brown Dirt Warrior
Buddha Seeds
Cash Crop Ken
DNA Genetics
Dr Atomic
Dutch Passion
East Island Seeds
Emerald Triangle
Great White North Seed Co.
Green House Seed Co.
Heritage Seeds
House Stock
Jordan of the Islands
Kootenay Mountain Seeds
Mighty Mite Seed Co.
Mr. Nice Seedbank
Next Generation
Paradise Seeds
Reeferman Seeds
Rocky Mountain Grain Products
Serious Seeds
Shamanic Extracts
Solar Warrior
Soma Seeds
Spice of Life Seeds
T.H. Seeds
TGA – Subcool Seeds
The Cali Connection
The Canna Collective
West Coast Seeds
Wild Rose Seeds

There is always a friendly and knowledgable staff that can help with strain selection.