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top ten seed banks

Seedsman began business in 2003. The company is based in the UK, but because of their high-quality seeds, many customers include them as one of the best American seed banks.

Based in the Netherlands, MSNL Seedbank opened its business in 1999. With over two decades of experience, they boast the most extensive catalog in the cannabis industry. On their comprehensive website, you can browse the large inventory with ease, sorting products by category, cannabis strains, and more.


Through their discreet shipping service, American purchases generally arrive within 6–20 days. Also, with any order over $70, MSNL will gift you free seeds.

You can legally buy and ship cannabis seeds to the United States. However, you must be aware of the law in your state, as regulations vary.

As well as a useful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, customers can seek extra information via MSNL’s contact form.

That means you have to choose “guaranteed” or “discreet,” which actually makes a lot of sense. Best of all is the company’s price match guarantee, meaning Seed City is putting their promise of low prices to the test.

Sativa seeds come from a warmer climate and tend to grow large when nourished well. These seeds also produce high THC plants. Alternatively, Indica seeds tend to be shorter but with thicker leaves and stockier stems. These also have high THC or CBD levels.

8. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Fast Same Day Shipping

Experienced growers like it too, for its perks of free shipping to US states, guaranteed delivery, and guaranteed germination.

It’s a nice touch, which may justify buying from so far away.

It’s also important to consider your available space, whether inside or out, as well as legal limitations on quantity or variety. Some regular seeds grow very well outdoors but can grow over 15 feet, which would create a problem for anyone who’s not an experienced grower with their own land.

8. Nirvana Seeds

We selected “extreme yields” on the feminized marijuana seeds category, and settled for their Mother of All Buds feminized. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds describes the strain as providing up to 14.1 ounces/sqm indoors and 19.4 ounces/sqm outdoors.Despite their Amsterdam location, our package of fem seeds was delivered to the USA in less than two weeks.

1. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Best Overall Seedbank that ships to the US for free

So without further ado, here is our list of top 10 seed banks that lived up to our expectations and stayed true to their claims.

10. Greenpoint Seeds

Now when it came to the actual growing of the ordered strain seeds, we followed their grow guide and we were thrilled to get 19.3 ounces/sqm indoors and 26.6 ounces/sqm outdoors.As for payments, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds supports cryptocurrencies which will allow you to save 10% off the regular price. You can also pay for these feminized weed seeds using cash, credit cards, banks, and SEPA transfers.