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super autoflower seeds canada

Luckily, we’ve got loads to choose from, with each strain bringing its own unique perks. If you’re looking for the best super autoflower strains, here are our top 10 options.

Tangerine Dream is easy to grow indoors and outdoors with autoflower seeds. It’s a highly resistant plant that requires little attention and is easy to manage. It’s also fairly hardy when growing outdoors, suiting temperate climates. Indoors, you can expect heights of 100 cm and a long flowering time of between 10 and 12 weeks. Yields are higher outdoors in optimal conditions, although indoor growers can enjoy 300 grams per m².


Gelato, as its name suggests, has a pronounced ice cream flavor. Discover aromas of berries, orange and lemon alongside sweet cookies and cream. To taste, there’s a blend of sweet sorbet and earthy forest floor.

Gelato is a fine option for beginners that will delight experts too. It’s suited to indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, although it thrives in warm and sunny climates. Indoors, it requires little maintenance and few nutrients. It can reach heights of 120 cm indoors and 160 cm outdoors. The harvest is fairly quick, with flowering taking between 8 and 10 weeks.

Gelato is a unique autoflowering strain that’s rich in green, crystal-laden leaves. It’s an easy to grow plant with an unusually high yield. With THC levels of 21%, it produces a sustained and creative high that’s the perfect inspiration boost.

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Also known as super automatic seeds; these seeds are designed to do most of the work for you while still producing large harvests. They flower after a set period instead of depending on a light cycle.
Autoflowers are able to be harvest in as little as 7 – 15 weeks from seed germination, depending on the strain of cannabis allowing you to enjoy multiple harvests of indoors or outdoors throughout the year as autoflowering seeds will always flower automatically regardless of the light cycle. Super Autoflowers have gained more and more popularity among new growers looking for ease of growth and high yields; best of both worlds. At Super Autoflowers, we manually picked the most performant and stable autoflowering genetics for you to try. We are a Canadian based seed bank, located in Montreal (Quebec).