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starting marijuana seeds in jiffy pots

I saw this method and thought to myself there must be an easier way. To germinate cannabis seeds for beginners this is too hard. Then I started finding more and more people talk about jiffy pellets. I did my research and found some very interesting things. The first being that all you need to do is add water. That’s it.

After one week under the LED grow lights the plants are looking bigger than ever !

Germinating a cannabis seed with a paper towel for beginners

“Germination is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or similar structure. The most common example of germination is the sprouting of a seedling from a seed”

How to germinate cannabis seeds with for beginners the easiest possible way. This was my first time growing indoor cannabis in my entire life. I had no clue where to start, so I just bought some cannabis seeds and told myself I would figure out the rest later.

Once planted you need to leave them inside the container at room temperature for up to eight days. The germination process takes anywhere from 2 – 8 days to get the seedlings to sprout. After the first 24 hours, the pellets seemed very dry. I then proceeded to add a little water to each to keep them moist.

The kit includes a tray of Easy Start seedling pots and a packet of Bacto, which provides a mix of beneficial bacteria that enhance seedling growth and vitality. Introducing vital biodiversity into the germination process sets this method apart from others such as Jiffy pots and grow plugs, and gives seedlings a head-start in life. The kit also includes Propagator Pro, a container specifically designed to create a high-humidity environment perfect for germinating seeds. Buyers will also receive perlite, lighting, and 3 RQS Critical seeds to get them started.

But first, before we delve into these methods, let’s take a brief look at the biology of germination to better understand the process. Every seed is effectively a small package of genetic material that is the product of plant reproduction. These small vessels are designed to be dispersed by various means, such as wind and animal ingestion/excretion. If lucky, a seed will be transported to an environment that triggers the process of germination. Such vital environmental factors include temperature, water, and how deep seeds become buried in the soil. Of course, these factors can be simulated and optimized by modern growers to maximize the chances of germination.

1. To begin the process, mix the contents of the Bacto packet with 1 liter of lukewarm water. Once dissolved, place the tray of Easy Start pots in the water to allow the bacteria to colonize the substrate.


Move this makeshift germination chamber to a warm and dark place. A cupboard near a heating source will work great. Alternatively, you could position a heating mat under the bottom plate to provide an ideal climate.

Now that we’ve covered how to identify viable seeds and how to create the ideal environment, it’s time to germinate our seeds. There are several methods growers can choose from, each of which is as good as the other—if done correctly.

2. Next, place a layer of perlite on the bottom of the Propagator Pro. Perlite is a form of volcanic glass that holds water extremely well. It works wonders to keep humidity levels high. After a good soaking, place the tray of Easy Start pots on top of the perlite layer. Use a pencil or skewer to widen the hole on top of each pot and place a seed of your choice in each one.

When it comes to germination, many growers often fail to consider every piece of the puzzle. Most growers manage to provide water and darkness, but natural soil is one big, living organism filled with beneficial bacteria that assist in the process. This is what sets the Royal Queen Seeds Starters Kit apart from other germination methods (more on this below).

Water is another method for sprouting a marijuana seed. This method produces a seedling in 24-48 hours. The advantage of using water is that you can ensure adequate moisture for germination.

The life of any plant begins with germination, making this process the most important in your plant’s life. You will undoubtedly come across many different methods for germinating your marijuana seeds . Some may be successful, but others will disappoint you.

Sprouting marijuana seeds in regular soil is a common practice. Soil is a natural medium and can protect the seeds as it develops its fragile roots. For this option, be sure to start with the right type of soil for marijuana. Use a seed starter or fertilized potting soil with a pH of around 6. Soil has both minerals and spores that supports growing marijuana plants.


The sprouting process is the foundation of your marijuana plant, so do not take this step lightly. Other than starting with a high-quality seed , you need to ensure that your conditions are optimal. It is challenging to optimize the natural mediums, which is why a medium such as Jiffy pellets comes in handy.

For the best results, you need a precise understanding of how to get started growing your marijuana plant. Choosing Jiffy Pellets as your initial medium is probably the best way to go. Outside of this option, coir is your next best alternative to Jiffy pellets. But first, let’s discuss how a marijuana plant grows.

There are many different germination methods, and results will vary. Here are some ways to sprout your seeds .

Marijuana plants start as a seed . That tiny thing resembling a pebble is a whole plant securely stored with a supply of food to support itself for a few days. In the germination process, the food converts into sugars, which the plant uses to cut the shell and develop its root. Identifying a healthy seed is, therefore, the first thing that you need to do.