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The winners from all categories are listed below, along with the top 3 at each stop to show just how close the competition really was. All entries were judged to National Vegetable Society standards by Medwyn and co-judge John Bebbington.

Entries spanned categories in giant vegetables, long vegetables and exhibition vegetables, all of which were judged to National Vegetable Society standards by Medwyn Williams and co-judge John Bebbington.

With grow shows and events being canceled across the world due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the CANNA UK team together with Chelsea Gold winner Medwyn Williams put together a plan to give the growers of the UK the chance to showcase their hard work and compete at a national level.

The Grow Show: On Tour World Records awaiting confirmation:

To ensure the safety of event staff and entrants, the three events met a number of COVID secure measures. From social distancing to the wearing of masks, use of hand sanitiser and temperature testing with waivers upon entrance, the competition area was split into smaller zones and strict entrant appointment times were given to keep the number of people to a minimum. All entrants adhered to these regulations which further made the event successful.

The Grow Show: On Tour saw growers from across the UK weigh in and exhibit their hard work at Mansfield, Oxfordshire and Anglesey tour stops. With heaviest, longest and show vegetables impressing both the CANNA team and Chelsea Gold winner Medwyn Williams, the event even saw a potential of 4 new World Records yet to be officially confirmed by Guinness World Records.

The Grow Show: On Tour was a traveling event stopping off at three locations around the UK, first at Mansfield in the Midlands, Oxford in the South and finishing up at Anglesey in Wales.

CANNA & Medwyn would like to thank all growers who attended the event and helped put on a Grow Show like no other, especially with such great results and in helping us keep this the safest environment we possibly could. We wish everyone a successful 2021 growing season and we hope to see many of you next year as competitions may return to the usual schedule.

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Nastassja Nefjodov (Netherlands) – Untitled, from the series ‘Into the blue’

Cindy Lin (UK) – Leftover Women

Pippa Healy (UK) – The Lake

Haley McHaffie (UK) – The Bush Man

Andy Fell (UK) – IJ

Liz Harrington (UK) – Untitled, 2019

Marianne McGurk (UK) – Uncomfortable Conversations