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shop titans seeds guide

Heroes are the most interesting and useful of all characters. Unlike with champions, you don’t have to farm coins to unlock them. Instead, you can hire them from the tavern as soon as you have an open hero slot. Although the specific names (and stats) of classes change as you increase your player level, the three main types of heroes are:

The higher the level of a crafter, the more items they are able to make. Fortunately, these characters gain experience automatically when you order items from them. However, their level is capped based on how much you and your other guild members have invested in their respective building. For example, if your Smithy is level 10, then the Blacksmith’s level is capped at 21.

Upgrading heroes can be done in multiple ways. To begin with, these characters gain XP when they complete an expedition, but only if they are still alive by the end of it. Secondly, you can use gear that you have crafted in the store or bought from the market in order to equip your heroes. This does not only improve their stats, damage, and survivability, but it also allows them to use better versions of their skills.


Each hero has a specific skill and a preferred element. Our mage, for example, uses Fire as an element, which means that if we equip her with enough Fire items, she can use a better version of her skill. Additional abilities are unlocked as the hero levels up.

Initially, you have a single hero slot, but you can purchase additional ones with gold as soon as you meet the level requirements. As your player level advances, you unlock new classes, although these tend to fit into the three main categories described above. Regardless of the class, the primary use of heroes is to accompany champions on expeditions and gather special resources.

You cannot manually improve the abilities of champions, nor can you equip them with gear that you create. However, both their skills and items become better as you rank them up using additional champion coins.

Although the tutorial will introduce you to some of the characters in Shop Titans, it won’t let you know how to best use these NPCs, who to upgrade first, and who to avoid altogether. Especially in the case of heroes, you have to know which classes are best before you invest in their upgrades. To help you out, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to all types of characters in ST.

Definitely champions. I haven't heard anything concrete about how to handle it. I just bolster weaknesses. So like defense and hp on the mage and ninja. (I'm bad with names, sorry.) Attack on the knight and barbarian.

Questions in the title. I’m just wondering if it’s better to put them on Champions or heros? And how many of each seed people put on different classes.. just generally how to use them correctly ? I have about 40 of each saved up so I figured it’s time to spend them

I wouldn't invest in any heroes until lv 54 at least. And even then, make sure that it's got some good skills. There's a good chance that you'll retire the first round or three of heroes before you get ones good enough to keep

There are 4 crafter characters in Shop Titans. These are:

There are various skills available in this game which will be unlocked when you level up your characters. The basic heroes that you unlock or recruit from the shop can use up to 3 skills while your champions have only 1 skill. There are three tiers to the skill level of your heroes which are common, rare, and epic. You can only re-roll the skills once you have unlocked the second and third skill. For each re-roll, you will be charged with 100 diamonds. So we recommend you to re-roll only your best heroes in the game.


Every day the game gives you a piggy bank – it pops out at the top-center of the game after playing the game for a while. Smash it to get items, ascension shards, etc.

Level up these characters to increase crafting speed, stats, efficiency.

By selling the items to the customers, you gain XP. In the top-left corner, tap the level bar to open the player profile – there you can check net worth, prestige points, mastered blueprints, and the XP required to reach the next level.