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sensi seeds feminized

The strain which changed cannabis culture and has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century is now available from Sensi Seeds as a top-quality feminized variety!

The effect is great, its an allarounder, great for any ocasion.
I might bet this is the best genetics you can buy for the price, at least to grow from seed and vape (or smoke), if your thinking clones, then its worth it to go for top shelf genetics that adds more flavour and smell to the mix.
Thats where skunk #1 is the poorest, it isnt particulary exotic in its taste or smell.
But plants grow with an unifomity that any breeder would envy, buds are in sizes from good to great, and the plants arent that leafy for the indica structure thei have making them great for indoors.
Having grown several expensive strains, this is my go whenever i wish to skip on cost but not on quality.

Other products in Sensi Seeds

Skunk no.1 is a vigorous hybrid and indica dominant variety. Indoor flowering: 45-50 days. Indoor – Outdoor.

Flowering is both rapid and rewarding, as Skunk #1 Feminized produces robust stems and branches to support her superior yields. Short internodal gaps quickly close when her nodes explode into dense, rounded bud-clusters which merge into huge, heavy colas by harvest time.

Foi a primeira planta que plantei e é rara as vezes que não meto pelo menos 1 semente em cada grow, super fácil de cultivar dá uma moka excelente, recomendo

The Feminized Mix by Sensi Seeds allows you to grow various different strains from the one pack – quite the steal.

They’re not identified in the packet so you’ll have to work out for yourself if they’re indica or sativa strains, which is clearly obvious in their leaves once they’ve been alive for a couple of weeks. You’re guaranteed to enjoy all of these strains.

Feminized Mix marijuana seeds by Sensi Seeds

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When you’ve finished growing this collection you’ll be able to harvest an enormous amount of varied weed with different effects and flavors.

You can find Skunk, Haze, Herer or NL strains in this pack, known for being some of this banks’ most prized seeds.

An all-female garden of powerful Indicas and Sativas is easy with this mix of seeds taken from Sensi Seeds’ collection of feminised strains.

With this method, the two different strains can finish flowering at around the same time.

Seedlings can be easily identified as Indica or Sativa by the time they have grown a few sets of leaves, allowing growers to flower the slim-bladed Sativa plants soon after germination and give wide-leafed Indicas a longer growing period.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Mixed Cannabis Seeds.
Sunny / Mediterranean
Flowering 0 – 0 days
50% Sativa / 50% Indica