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seedsman seed bank review

The collection of Seedsman seeds is one of the largest among the top shelves of the cannabis industry. They have more than 3000 marijuana strains available, including feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, high THC seeds, high CBD seeds, regular seeds, and medical marijuana seeds. All the seeds are sourced from the top breeders and dispensaries worldwide. 100+ different breeders and seedbanks are working with Seedsman to provide them the freshest and top-quality seeds.

Seedsman delivers weed seeds worldwide, but you have to check the laws in your country first. All the orders are packed and shipped out within 5 days at maximum. The delivery times vary from country to country. In general, if you are getting the seeds in the UK, then it would take only 1 to 3 days for them to reach you. EU deliveries take 3 to 14 days, and deliveries to other countries worldwide take 5 to 25 working days.

Diversity of Marijuana Strains

Yes, it is very safe to order from Seedsman. All the orders are packed with stealth. They hide the marijuana seeds well inside items like a DVD case, Protective envelope , or any other non-marijuana related object. The seeds will be safe inside the packaging and will not get crushed or damaged in transit. You will get tracking numbers as well to see where your parcel has reached.

Well, Seedsman also offers a wide range of medical cannabis seeds as well. You can get medical marijuana for various types of problems like Cancer, Anxiety, Nausea, Depression, Stress, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Insomnia, Pain, Eating Disorders, Inflammation, etc. Seedsman also has a wide variety of vapes and accessories available on sale.

When you join the Seedsman affiliate program, you can place their links and banners on your websites, blogs, or social media profiles, or put it wherever you think it can generate sales. When visitors click on your affiliate link, they redirect to the Seedsman website, and if they purchase marijuana seeds, you will receive up to 20% commission in return. However, the starting commission is 15%, which can subsequently increase as your performance gets better.

Seedsman reserves the right to not sell seeds to anybody they suspect will cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal.

Fairly new to the game, French Touch Seeds has managed to make a name for itself in the short time that it has been active. French Touch Seeds is an environment-conscious brand that prides itself on using no tools that are detrimental to the environment.

The members of the company are also known to travel to French colonies like French Guiana to find strains from places that have a conducive climate and encourage outdoor cultivation.

How Does the Service Work?

This means you can adjust lighting to produce yields faster than if you grow outdoors for example and are dependent on traditional light and dark cycles from the sun and moon.

Amsterdam Genetics, as the name of the company suggests, is based out of Amsterdam. One of the biggest names in the cannabis breeding world, Amsterdam Genetics has carved a niche for itself in the field, over the years.

If you’re looking for more exciting options check out our most popular strains roundup where we document what has been the hottest this year as well as our “celebrity cannabis brands” article where we document what’s hot out of Hollywood.

The White Widow strains are one of the popular seeds sold on the website. It comprises 60% indica and 40% sativa, the two main strains of the cannabis plant. This makes the White Widow a hybrid as it has components of both the cannabis plant strains.

Very quick delivery and seeds in breeders pack

I have ordered exclusively from seedsman for a few years.they carry great seeds from great breeders and post fast. never had an issue. they are a European Seedbank. they post from the EU. if you are from outside Europe, it will take a long time to deliver your package. It say it right there on the website. some people can’t read.

Shop of the Seedsman Ltd., but they also sell seeds who are made by many other breeders.

guest Canada, November 2019

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NOT IMPRESSED with Seedsman. Problems with deliveries, problems with stock, problems getting them to answer emails, scammed out of paying sales prices, then sent me white bird food/seeds for something I didnt even want in the first place. Shop elsewhere folks, nothing could be worse than my experiences (4) shopping here. Thought I would give them another chance as things can go wrong, but last time is my LAST TIME, PERIOD .

Got nothing. Apparently they sent 2 packages. After I lost the first one they offered some freebies. Having figured that their ‘discreet packaging" was not good enough, I asked to buy insurance or extra discreet packaging for the freebies. They declined and tried to reassure me. So I lost them too. When I told them they suggest another place.

Id placed an order with seedsman on the 14th of January 2020. The order I had placed was for 5 x Charlottes angel. Reason for ordering this is that my 3 year old has Autism, but more importantly suffers Gran Mal seizures! :/ He has these regularly, and its tough seeing him go through this. Ive seen a lot of documentaries on how high CBD strains have helped reduce seizures on children who suffer this, and for some make them almost non existent. For my son, I wanted to give this a go. At any rate, its been over 45 days and still nothing! :/ Their policy is after 25 days theyd do a re-send. At around day 30 I started to enquire as to where my order is and can they provide a tracking number so I can trace this down to its whereabouts. Nothing! Ive sent them consecutive messages, and still no reply! :/ Its now been 10 days and nothing back from them whatsoever. Id paid for additional insurance through them and for the re-send option, as for me with my 3 year old and his conditions, this is incredibly important to me. Still nothing. If I dont get a reply from them over the next few days, Ill have to contact the bank and see if somehow they can do a reversal on the transaction. Would I recommend these guys. Hell no. Ive only ever used a couple of other seedbanks in the last 20 years and these are by far the worst.