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seedsman review

Backed by more than 16,000 buyers , Seedsman has conquered its spot in the topmost of the Online marijuana business. Check out Seedsman Review in 2021 to find out the range of products and customer service. Getting high-quality cannabis seeds and competent customer service are the two most important factors when people decide which Online Seed Bank to buy from.

Seedsman does not say that they offer a germination guarantee on every order. However, seeing the high reviews and praise from people would be safe to assume that the germination ratio is very high. If you live in a country where cannabis is legal, then they will do their best to solve your problems if the seeds do not germinate. You have to contact them within 90 days of the purchase, though. If you would like to store your seeds for later use, you can check out the Seedsman Free Guide on Seed Storage. They have laid out instructions on storing the seeds and keeping them fresh for use afterward.

Seedsman Review in 2021

As you already know how it works, the affiliate program of Seedsman lets you post their product links to generate traffic and sales. Subsequently, you will receive an affiliate commission when a customer buys any product from the Seedsman website. Seedsman is managing an affiliate program for enthusiasts who wants to earn money by increasing their sales. The affiliate program of Seedsman is free to join.

Finding a strain is easy because of this Seedsman Strain Finder Tool . We rarely see these many filters on any online seed bank’s website. They even have a dedicated page for selling merchandise like caps, bags, cups, t-shirts, and more.

If you check the Offers page of Seedsman, you will see that they have offers and promotions all year round. With #SeedsmanTag2021Seeds of Knowledge Contest,” you can join the community, share your grow tips, and win free seeds. This contest will run from 2nd to 31st January 2021 . It’s one of the best chances to win weekly prizes in the form of cannabis seeds. For exclusive deals and promotions from Seedsman, you can sign up to the newsletter, or connect with the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr.

Aside from various promotions they offer and the loyalty points you earn, Seedsman also gives out free seeds. The seed bank understands that their customers can abuse these discounts and promotions. Nevertheless, they remain generous and continuously improve their program even better.

Lastly, you can send your payment via bank transfer. If all your savings are boxed inside your bank, then this is the best option for you.

You can also earn additional loyalty points on your birthday and when you reach your fifth purchase. Don’t you think that those are significant discounts?

Website & Customer Service

The shipping system of Seedsman is a bit different from others. Instead of having fixed shipping prices, they base the cost according to your location. However, this is understandable since they ship items worldwide, where the processes might be a bit different from one place to another.

Is the seed bank’s reputation concerning you? Seedsman is already built enough. As previously mentioned, the company started its business in 2003. It’s already close to two decades!

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Also, the arrival of your seeds differs from one country to another. For example, the shipping processes might take 4-5 days in the UK and 3-14 for those in other parts of Europe.

They take privacy seriously, and seeds are shipped in a standard bubble envelope without identifying markings.

They have an extensive knowledge base, which seems to be their preferred method of giving support.

Seed Quality

Seedsman is located in Barcelona, Spain.
They also have customer service numbers in the USA and several other European countries.

To their credit, they played a large role in bringing feminized seeds to market a few years back!

Finally, entries on a credit card or bank statements are generic and will not identify your purchases!