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You must notify Seedsman first for specific reasons that make you decide to ask for a refund or return items. Often, your refunded money is sent in the same mode of payment you chose when you created your order.

Can’t you find a specific strain from other seed banks? Why not try Seedsman. They offer even the rarest strain of cannabis seeds.

The website of Seedsman is found at It is effortless to navigate. The great thing about it is, there aren’t any unrelated popping advertisements. Instead, the site is very pleasant to the eyes.


If shipping securities are your concerns, Seedsman assures you that. Seedsman seeds are placed inside a small and plain cardboard box. If not, they use a bubble-padded envelope. This way, your sources will not be detected by customs, especially if it is not entirely legal in the place where you live.

If we may ask, what are your considerations before you could say that a seed bank is the best? Will it be the variety of strains they offer and the customer support they give? Or is it whether they ship worldwide or not?

No one wants bad seeds, and Seedsman seed bank understands that. Thus, they always guarantee that you get your seeds without any frustration. As such, most seedsman’s customers report a problem-free germination experience.

You also have the option to replace damaged seeds with different strains from the ones you purchased. Depending on the seeds’ prices, you may pay the new seeds’ additional cost. If the new seeds cost lower than the old ones, Seedsman will return your remaining balance.

But if you’re not sure how to go about ordering seeds and haven’t the foggiest notion of how to avoid trouble with shipping and payment, you’ve come to the right place.

Still, Grower’s Choice makes a good pitch, especially with its plethora of growing knowledge shared on the website and its confidence in standing by its product.

Best Seed Banks of 2021

Depending on the company, you may be offered a host of payment options, from credit cards (the preferred method) or cryptocurrency, which is also preferred and sometimes comes with a discount on prices. A few companies will work with checks, or e-checks, or even Paypal.

The Canadian-based cannabis seed bank company even has 200 physical stores in Canada, making it a successful enterprise you can count on, and one fully protected from USA laws, despite easy shipping to and from your home state.

The basic legality of dormant seeds does not, however, ensure delivery. Some packages will be confiscated, especially if Customs suspects you’re going to buy marijuana seeds online. However, it’s unlikely you’ll face any charges. Usually, your package is just taken, and it’s your loss to suffer.

All we ask is that you cover the expenses to send them to you. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less.

1. Select your free pack with 5 cannabis seeds.
2. Want some more seeds to save on shipping expenses? Simply select how many for a small extra fee.
3. Proceed to Check Out.
4. Register with your name and address.
5. Pay for the postage by Postal Order.

We do our part, in providing the very best premium marijuana seeds at NO charge to excited weed growers or newbies and have already sent thousands of seeds worldwide.

We are distributing FREE cannabis seeds!

That’s it! Your order will be shipped as quickly as we get the postage payment, so you can begin growing your own homegrown!

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Cultivating a better world is a two-way relationship. In NO way, does Seeds4Free wish to ‘trick’ people from their money.