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Biopiracy: It is becoming sadly common for large companies to patent traditional vegetable varieties, and claim them as their own. The subject is complex, but we do not believe it is correct to patent food plants. We reserve the right to refuse membership of our seed club, and to refuse to supply seed to anyone, without explanation. Likewise, as policy, we do not supply samples to other seed companies or individuals involved in the trade.

Much of our seed is produced by hand, and so is available in limited quantities. Packets are pretty generous: you should get enough for a family of three or four in a packet. Seed counts are approximate – packets are filled by hand, not machine. Sadly, we cannot supply bulk quantities (there are only two of us !). If you want to grow really huge quantities, just save your seed using the instructions supplied and sow as much as you like the following year.

We have taken legal advice on how best to meet all these requirements and you will now see some packets labelled ‘amateur seed not for commercial exploitation’ which we have been advised meets the requirements of both the EC Directive and the UK Seed Marketing Regulations. We are also working with DEFRA to register our unlisted varieties over the next few years, though the total cost is high, so you will see some varieties dropped – it is simply is not economic to register varieties that only a few people request each year.

However, please note that this seed catalogue is the sole source of funding for maintaining the Collection – we get no grants – so while we hope you will keep your saved seed and even pass it on to friends, we would of course appreciate it if you did not use it to go directly into commercial competition with the Collection.

Given the current state of the world seed supply, it is more important than ever that people know how to save their own seed and select their own strains. We do not deal in hybrid (F1) varieties, so you are free, and very much encouraged, to save your own seed for the following year. Instructions are supplied with every packet, and we are happy to advise by e-mail if you need more help.

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How much money you can make as a teenage seed salesman will depend on a few things: how much the seeds cost you, how much you sell the seeds for, how many seeds you sell. Some of this will depend on where you live and who you’re selling to, and how big their gardens are.

A teenage seed salesman makes money selling seeds to friends, family members, and neighbors. This is a great job to have if you live in an area where people love to garden. Even if you don’t, as long as you know some people who do, you can easily make money every year selling seeds.

If you yourself are a gardener, then this is an excellent way to make money from your garden without having to do a lot of extra work. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still become a seed salesman by buying seeds from a store to resell to people. Either way, you’ll follow the same steps to become a teenage seed salesman!

How Much Does a Teenage Seed Salesman Get Paid?

If you are saving all of your own seeds, you can expect to make $1 per package of seeds, so selling 100 packages will earn you about $100 in one spring. If you have to buy seeds to resell, you will probably make less than $1 per package, so you might only end up making $50 if you sell 100 packages.

I know someone who started a seed business with a suburban garden and a kitchen table. You don’t need a lot to start but you need drive and determination to stay in the business. Seed buyers want to buy seeds in uniform quantities that are cleaned and accurately named. If you want to grow your own seeds

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You can also buy wholesale seeds in quantities ranging from a kilogram to much larger quantities.

If I wanted to start selling seeds (for example, tomatoes), how would I go about doing that? Do I have to grow my own strains, and then harvest the seeds, or is there places where you have to buy seeds (like a wholeseller)?

EDIT: plants that are copyrighted have this information on the tag when you buy them.