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regular marijuana seeds

You can literally create the strain of your dreams with some experimentation. Find specimens that produce your favourite terpenes, a high that you love, and flowers you find beautiful.

Repeat the process again with your favourite specimens to tease out the desired traits. You’re no longer limited to strains you find in seedbank archives.

The fertilised flowers will produce seeds within 2–6 weeks. When mature, dry your flowers and store them for one month. After this time, your seeds will be ready for germination. Let the experiments continue! Grow out your strain, have a smoke, and become familiar with it.


By growing regular cannabis seeds, it’s possible to breed your own strains at home. You can cross two strains to combine their best traits into a single plant. For example, try breeding a regular male with an autoflowering female to create a strain that flowers much faster.

If possible, change your clothes before entering the female grow space. Any lingering pollen could accidentally fertilise unselected plants.

It’s also critical to learn how to water your plant properly. Too much water can cause root rot, and too little can result in nutrient uptake issues.

Many beginner growers tend to overwater their plants by caring a bit too much! Start out low and gradually increase the amount of water you give as your plants grow.

Marula Fruit ticks all of the boxes of a premium regular strain. She offers high levels of THC, tasty terpenes, big yields, and reliable genetics that thrive during the cloning process. After you smoke these sweet buds and experience her relaxing high, you’ll immediately want to start cloning your other plants to ensure a constant supply.

Garlic Mist offers incredible tastes, massive yields, and a high that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated for hours to come. Our breeders created this unusual regular strain by crossing Original Garlic Bud with Cali Sativa Haze. After stabilising these strains over several generations and sampling the offspring, they noticed something they’d never experienced before: Tastes of herbs, pepper, and garlic.

Pumpkin Kush brings something completely different to the table. Her large buds pack a THC content of 20% alongside aromas of candy, fruit, and earthiness. Her flowers will ripen just as autumn hits, and we’re telling you now that you need to experience her pumpkin flavours in an infused pumpkin spice latte. Savour the taste and buckle up for the intense ride!

Marula Fruit Regular

On top of her pleasant tastes and effects, Garlic Mist produces a rewarding yield that will keep your stash jars filled for some time. Indoors, this prolific regular strain produces between 550 and 600g/m². To maximise your harvest in a small tent or grow room, use the ScrOG technique to develop a tamed canopy loaded with flowers.

Indoors, growers can keep Marula Fruit at an easily manageable height, making her a suitable candidate for covert operation. You can expect a return of up to 475g/m² in small grow tents, closet, and cupboards.

Plants grown outdoors grow to a slightly taller height of 140–180cm and produce 500–550g/plant. Sow companion plants such as dill and basil around this strain to keep pests at bay and attract beneficial critters. Get ready to harvest during early October.

While the taste of garlic might sound off-putting, it actually synergises perfectly with the typical terpenes found within cannabis. This unique taste goes down superbly in vapes, edibles, and potent extracts. THC levels of 19% are an ideal addition to this eccentric mix. Together, this phytochemical cocktail produces a euphoric and clear-headed high perfect for daytime toking.

Regular cannabis seeds

Naturally, you want the best seeds for your needs. In this category, you will find all the regular cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds and White Label Seed Company. We’ve made it easy for you to customize the selection of seeds you are viewing to suit your personal requirements and circumstances. Just use the filters to set your preferences for yield, climate, flowering time, height, indica-sativa balance, price, and so forth. This category holds our biggest selection of seeds, so whether your priority is value for money or the most exclusive high-end genetics, there is plenty of choice.
Do you already know what you’re looking for? Enter the seed name in the search bar to quickly find a particular strain, or part of a name (such as Skunk or Kush) to view variations on those types of seeds.


Regular cannabis seeds

Over thirty years of cannabis research and development has made Sensi Seeds the seed bank to rely on. You can be absolutely sure that you are purchasing the original version of the strain you want. These seeds are the result of the carefully calibrated breeding programs that have taken many years to complete. Many seeds listed here have won Cannabis Cups and other harvest festival awards. You may find seeds with the same or similar names elsewhere; here, you are guaranteed to get the breed that made the name famous. When it comes to cannabis seeds, do not settle for anything less than what you deserve!

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