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rainbow marijuana seeds

As a balanced hybrid, smokers can expect to experience both physical and cerebral buzz when they light the berry, citrus, and sweet flavored Rainbow Haze Feminized strain. Tokers will feel that energy is flowing throughout their body. However, they will not feel restless. Thanks to its indica gene, they will be able to maintain a calm disposition. With both calming and enlivening results, smokers can experience the best of both worlds.

Aside from its recreational benefits, smokers will also find Rainbow Haze Feminized marijuana effective in delivering mental and physical therapeutic help. Although its body buzz is not enough to knock you out, it can still cause you to feel sleepy as you feel total calmness. Your body will be free of tensions, thus relieving pain, ache, and muscle spasm. It can also aid those who suffer from mood-affecting conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress by clearing your mind of negative thoughts.

Rainbow Haze Feminized Strain Specifications

The Rainbow Haze Feminized cannabis is as pleasant to look at as its name suggests; although it is not as colorful as its name, it still shows off beautiful purple buds that are heavily coated with resins. With its fun name, you will also be able to enjoy its balanced effect that is not overwhelming despite the high THC content of this Mary Jane.

In addition, the ever-present dry mouth and dry eyes can be expected. Although these conditions are minor only, they can really cause discomforts. Luckily, these drawbacks, which are brought by dehydration, can be easily assuaged by simply drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops.

Type: Balanced hybrid
Genetics Parents: Old Haze x Zkittelz | Chemdawn x WW
Flowering Period: 10 weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: Mid – High
Flavors: Berries, Citrus, Sweet
THC Level: High
CBD Level: No data
Height: No data
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

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The Rainbow Kush Strain is aesthetically mind-blowing and can be grown in most of the colors found in a rainbow, hence the name! The plants are sticky to touch and have THC crystals spread uniformly across its plant surface. Smoking up gives of the stoner a sweet fruity flavor accompanied with a hint of citrus at the end.

Serious Kush FEMINIZED Seeds (Serious Seeds)

A fast-growing plant needs nutrients to grow tall and provide maximum yield. It is recommended to mix the following with regular pot soil (in equal proportions) for maximizing results:

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Due to its low CBD and THC levels, medical practitioners recommend this strain to patients having a day job or associated with any form of activity. Some of the chronic medical symptoms:

Take one look at Rainbows and you’ll instantly see how this strain earned her name. Nestled within sugar leaves bristling with a crisp layer of frosty trichomes, you’ll find big, resin-saturated buds made up of swollen calyxes painted in shades of blue, pink, and purple with only the slightest wisps of green. The colours carry through the cure for some of the best bag appeal you’ve ever seen.

Rainbows is an easy-to-grow indica that stays fairly short. It performs equally well in any environment, but its small size makes it especially appealing to space-challenged indoor growers. This photoperiod strain can double in size during the first few weeks of bloom, so switch to a 12/12 lighting schedule when your young plants reach about half their target size. If not, you can always train or top; they recover quickly from both high and low-stress training. This will only increase their already large yields.

Rainbows (BSF Seeds) feminized

Rainbows’ vivid colours are impossible to miss, but the flavours are what will seal the deal to make this one of your all-time favourite strains. It’s a double Zkittlez cross, and each grandparent contributed a dash of tastiness to the overall flavour profile. The grapiness from Grape Ape collides with the sweet grapefruit notes of classic Grapefruit. To tie it all together, both blend with the unique qualities of an unknown third parent for a palate-pleasing fruit cocktail sensation.

Once Rainbows starts to flower, it will form buds quickly and be ready to harvest in about eight weeks. Cut as soon as the pistils start to change colour for a brighter high. Let them go another week or two for bigger yields and a deeper physical stone. A few days of darkness right at the end can help the resin thicken and fill with terpenes, but the buds will be sticky enough even if you skip this step. Rainbows is one of BSF Seeds’ best resin producers; it’s a top choice for extract and oil production.

As an 80% indica, the Rainbows strain is more physical than cerebral. The THC is generous but not in the super-high category. It won’t lock you to the couch, even though it can be a little too sedating for infrequent smokers. It does, however, help out with pain, anxiety, and disturbed sleep, making it a popular choice among therapeutic and recreational users alike. If you’re a Zkittlez fan, put Rainbows on your must-try list. It’s worth more than a look!