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MyEpilepsyTeam | The social network and support group for those living with epilepsy If you’re looking for CBD oil products, there’s a good chance you can find a store selling some version in just about any direction you travel.

What Is The Difference Of Prescription Cbd Vs Over The Counter Cbd?

CBD and medical marijuana aren’t the same thing. Hemp oil and CBD are. They do not have THC in them like the medical marijuana does. Medical marijuana is cannibus. CBD is cannabidiol. Two very different things. TCH ( in the leaf of the marijuana plant. That IS the one that can make you, mellow, euphoric, or high. Because the CBD and hemp oil is from the stem it doesn’t contain THC. That is why CBD and hemp oil IS legal in all 50 states. There are some places online that are more widely used than others. If you want the name of a few reliable sites, let me know. I, myself, haven’t started using CBD oil YET. I am planning on it after my surgery in a few weeks.
The only negative thing I’ve heard is that it can change your AEM levels. it may cause the medication levels to be too high or too low. So. your neurologist should know you are on it so he can order blood levels to be checked more often.
I live in Maryland and medical marijuana is not legal here yet. Washing D. C. Is a 40 minute ride from my home. seems like they should make medical marijuana legal here.
The other problem I am having is my epileptologist doesn’t want to advise or agree with CBD oil. His reasoning is he says there haven’t been enough clinical trials on adults, and dosing is an uncertainty. I’ve spoken to people who sell CBD and have given me an idea of how much to start with. I told my doc it all on me. I’m taking responsibility for if it doesn’t help, All I need him to do is know I’m going to use it, and order blood work to check levels.

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There is a difference between AED Meds and medical Marijuana. AED meds have many side effects. Medical marijuana or CBD is minimal to non, with side effects. Marijuana is even more safer than Alcohol and tobacco cigarettes. Many people ( not everyone ) can control their seizures better than the AED meds.

One other little Tidbit is that your insurance won’t pay part of CBD. By Federal Law it’s still illegal. So if your interest in it, you would to pay out of pocket.

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Dr. Karen Keough on Prescription CBD Oil vs. Over-the-Counter CBD Products

If you’re looking for CBD oil products, there’s a good chance you can find a store selling some version in just about any direction you travel. CBD specialty stores have popped up throughout Austin with at least eight opening in 2018 alone.

The popularity of CBD oil is due to the vast number of suggested promises it can deliver — everything from easing achy joints to insomnia. Proof that it actually helps these issues is limited, however, there is data that shows it can be effective at managing seizures associated with epilepsy. We’ve seen some impressive benefits among children in our own practice since we began prescribing CBD in 2018. Importantly, the CBD oil used for epilepsy differs from over-the-counter and must be prescribed by a doctor — it’s not available over-the-counter.

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So what’s the difference between CBD products you can buy off-the-shelf and ones which must be prescribed?

Child Neurology Consultants’ pediatric neurologist Dr. Karen Keough recently made comments in a story for Community Impact about the differences between over-the-counter CBD and prescription. She stresses that the prescription or medicinal CBD is formulated according to scientific research, where others are not.

Dr. Keough is also chief medical officer for Compassionate Cultivation which is one of only three companies in Texas licensed to produce medicinal CBD.

“This is legitimate medicine, and particularly in the world of epilepsy, it can be exceptionally effective for a small group of kids who try it, and it turns out to be extremely safe,” Dr. Keough said.

Some key differences between doctor-prescribed CBD and over-the-counter products include:

  • CBD available in stores is produced from hemp which is an industrial crop in the state of Texas that can be legally grown and then widely distributed. The wide range of over-the-counter products have little quality control, and a large study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showed that some of these products actually did not contain any medication at all.
  • Medical CBD, only available with a prescription, is derived from cannabis, not hemp. Its use and distribution is limited and heavily regulated via the Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) because the THC content of medicinal CBD is higher than in over-the-counter products. The regulation and oversight of the TCUP means reliable, high-quality medication.
  • While the benefits of over-the-counter, hemp-derived CBD products are based on lots of Internet testimonials, larger scale medical studies show the positive benefits of doctor-prescribed CBD oil on epilepsy patients.
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Both retailers who sell CBD products and doctors who prescribe it agree though that there needs to be continued funding and research devoted to the medical use of CBD so that patients can know more about how it will affect them.

This year the Texas Legislature passed a bill that expands the TCUP to many other conditions, including other forms of epilepsy, autism, spasticity due to cerebral palsy and others like multiple sclerosis, and additional progressive neurological diseases. These changes will start within the next month, and many more patients will have access to medical CBD through the TCUP.

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