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Growing weed outdoors isn’t as simple as throwing seeds in the ground and letting Mother Nature take care of the rest. Growing cannabis in the garden is not only cost-effective, it helps the plant attain full potential. These are the best outdoor cannabis seeds available. High quality weed seeds for outdoor growing. At i49 Genetics Seed Bank you can buy an amazing selection of outdoor feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds.

5 iconic cannabis strains that grow great outdoors

Growing weed outdoors isn’t as simple as throwing seeds in the ground and letting Mother Nature take care of the rest. Sure, these seeds could grow without TLC, but they probably won’t reward you with a ton of THC.

While planting weed outdoors isn’t as simple as plopping seeds in a patch of dirt, it’s getting easier for new cultivators to experiment with outdoor cultivation. Indeed, thanks to the popularity of day-neutral cannabis (often referred to as autoflowers) seeds, even novice gardeners can successfully grow legendary strains outdoors in only a few months.

Unlike traditional cannabis varieties that can generally only be grown outdoors as one crop per year as an annual plant, these flowers don’t depend on the sun to trigger their natural maturation, and thus allow you to grow outdoors any time of the year the weather permits. This autoflowering trait, which was first identified in wild Cannabis Ruderalis varieties found in Russia that produced very little usable flower, is now being bred into modern strains, giving growers the best of both worlds. 1

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If you’re getting started growing cannabis outdoors, you must research the resiliency of your chosen strains. Some cannabis cultivars perform better in outdoor environments, while others have been bred for indoor growth. 2 Be sure to select seed distributors who provide information on the optimal environmental conditions to ensure the most suitable outdoor strain for your climate. Reviewing these factors should help you plant a successful outdoor “ganja garden.”

Growing weed outdoors: the crucial factors to consider

Since cannabis naturally evolved outdoors, it may seem strange that you can’t plant every strain outside your home. While it’s true cannabis is generally resilient enough to grow outdoors, some of the more modern varieties have bred specifically for growing indoors and could struggle with elements, pests, or both.

For instance, many of today’s specialty hybrids were made in controlled indoor environments. When you’re starting out growing weed outdoors, you should try to look into a strain’s history to ensure it isn’t overly reliant on the precision of an indoor grow tent.

Ideally, outdoor weed seeds should have a strong record of mold and pest resistance. These strains should also be able to handle slight temperature fluctuations with ease. Since you can’t control humidity and temperature outdoors, it always helps to plant robust varieties that won’t die off after a few unseasonably brisk nights.

Lastly, you have to consider your environment when choosing the best cannabis seeds to plant outdoors. Take a look at historical temperature, precipitation, and humidity data in your area. Be sure to compare these average ranges with the preferred climate for your favorite cannabis varieties, which should be provided by the breeder. After a bit of analysis, you should develop a short list of strains that would do well outside your home.

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Get the best quality outdoor cannabis seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Growing weed outdoors has multiple advantages over cultivating in a greenhouse or indoors. First, you get to be closer to mother nature and enjoy some natural vitamin D. Secondly, your plants get the best light source around, the Sun.

Outdoor weed seeds have various advantages, and you can buy the perfect outdoor strain for your needs at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We’ve got outdoor seeds for every level of grower, so beginners and experts will find what they need in our catalog.

Big Devil Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Northern Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Shishkaberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Hyper Critical Auto Cannabis Seeds

Chocolope x Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mango Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Baked Apple Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Orange Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Badazz Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Red Bruce Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Critical Mass Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lavender Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Shishkaberry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Agent Orange Regular Cannabis Seeds

Black Demon OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Big Sticky Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Hektol Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Mazar Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Head Band Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Caffeine Bomb Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Mass Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Drizzle Auto Cannabis Seeds

CBD Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Big Stink Auto Cannabis Seeds

Moby Dick Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Badazz Rolex Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Big Bud Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

CBD Cream & Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Northern Sunrise Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Get the best quality outdoor cannabis seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Growing weed outdoors has multiple advantages over cultivating in a greenhouse or indoors. First, you get to be closer to mother nature and enjoy some natural vitamin D. Secondly, your plants get the best light source around, the Sun.

Outdoor weed seeds have various advantages, and you can buy the perfect outdoor strain for your needs at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We’ve got outdoor seeds for every level of grower, so beginners and experts will find what they need in our catalog.

  1. Light (68)
  2. Less than average (27)
  3. Average (61)
  4. More than average (93)
  5. Heavy (220)More
  1. Indica (11)
  2. Mostly Indica (226)
  3. Hybrid (77)
  4. Mostly Sativa (154)
  5. Sativa (1)More
  1. Space Travel (30)
  2. Slow Motion (34)
  3. Comedy Central (21)
  4. Party Partner (27)
  5. Doc’s Clinic (35)
  6. Active High (29)
  7. Curated Cultivar (23)
  8. Starting Point (21)More
  1. Light (8)
  2. Less than average (19)
  3. Average (111)
  4. More than average (180)
  5. Heavy (151)More
  1. 6-8 Weeks (67)
  2. 8-10 Weeks (329)
  3. 10-12 Weeks (69)
  4. 12-14 Weeks (4)More
  1. Photoperiod (377)
  2. Autoflowering (91)
  1. Anxiety (449)
  2. Arthritis (425)
  3. Cramps (34)
  4. Depression (457)
  5. Fatigue (131)
  6. Inflammation (104)
  7. Insomnia (243)
  8. Migranes (426)
  9. Muscle Spasms (132)
  10. Nausea (75)
  11. Pain (44)
  12. Seizures (9)
  13. Stomach Ache (13)
  14. Stress (445)More
  1. Aroused (5)
  2. Calming (122)
  3. Creative (220)
  4. Energetic (191)
  5. Euphoric (385)
  6. Focused (192)
  7. Giggly (51)
  8. Happy (212)
  9. Hungry (105)
  10. Relaxed (425)
  11. Sedative (70)
  12. Sleepy (166)
  13. Talkative (84)
  14. Tingly (23)
  15. Uplifted (315)More
  1. Greenhouse (466)
  2. Indoor (468)
  3. Outdoor (469)
  1. Temperate/Continental (468)
  2. Sunny/Mediterranean (467)
  3. Cool/Cold (40)

Why choose outdoor weed seeds?

Growing outdoor cannabis seeds is increasingly feasible in the USA due to state level changes in the laws that impact cultivating weed.

Producing top quality outdoor cannabis is much easier than it once was, and choosing the best quality outdoor marijuana seeds gives you the head start you need.

Growing outdoors gives your cannabis plants all the benefits of their natural habitat (they’re plants afterall!)., and you can expect bigger yields and better tasting buds if you get it right.

You’ll also save money.

Mother Nature provides almost everything required to grow healthy cannabis plants without the need for fans, lighting, pumps, and all the other bits you need indoors.

If you have space, permission, and time, there are only a few things you need to remember:

To start, ask yourself who’ll have access to your outdoor cannabis crop and who might see it. Most states require your plants to stay hidden from view . Securing your grow area also keeps your weed safe.

Once you’ve chosen the best outdoor marijuana seeds, assess your chosen growing area . What size pots do you need? What medium works best for your climate and seeds? What nutrients should you buy? Which watering method should you use? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have your essential items list.

Having an area with sufficient light is essential in growing successful outdoor weed crops. Your plants need at least 8 hours of light daily and should have shelter from severe wind and rain . Depending on local laws, you might need a fence high enough to block visibility as well.

Although you can technically germinate outdoor pot seeds whenever you please, growing them is a different matter altogether. As a rule of thumb, late spring, early summer are the best times. In the northern hemisphere, June through August is when most people start growing cannabis from seed outdoors.

Finally, why are you growing weed from seed outdoors ? Whether it’s to save on electricity or because you don’t have space inside, it affects the overall choice . If you don’t want your house smelling like weed, growing outdoors is a simple solution.

When it comes to outdoor weed , you’ll often find a wider variety of options than indoor or greenhouse variants. You might wonder why, and the answer is quite simple. Marijuana is a surprisingly resilient plant.

Temperature, light, and humidity requirements are fairly universal (with some margins), and they have similar nutrient and water needs. Most indoor strains can qualify for growing as outdoor cannabis , and vice versa.

Where can you find outdoor marijuana seeds for sale in the USA?

Weed has seen a major rise in popularity in the 2000s. Long gone are the days when you have to visit a dodgy website to find a few outdoor seeds. Thanks to the decriminalization of weed in many states, people can finally grow ganja without worrying about cops showing up.

It’s become increasingly easy to find the best outdoor marijuana seeds for sale over the past few years. Growers can experiment more and try new combinations of strains . As a result, the variety of strains has increased to include some of the most outlandishly amazing outdoor feminized seeds you can find.

The rise in demand and variations has brought forth innovation and competition like never before. From high CBD medical hybrids to strains with psychedelic THC levels, the options are near endless.

Thanks to reputable suppliers, people can buy outdoor marijuana seeds at a fraction of the cost they used to be, knowing they’re high-quality.

Regardless of where you live, it’s vital to learn your local guidelines. Depending on your state, there may be limits to how many plants you’re permitted to grow. Nothing hurts as much as pulling out an outdoor indica because there are too many.

Top five outdoor marijuana seeds

The variety of strains makes choosing only five of them quite challenging. To keep it simple, we’re looking at specific properties . Additionally, we’re only looking at outdoor cannabis seeds for sale in the USA.

Some of our high THC outdoor weed strains will make recreational users’ mouths water. Medical patients will see some strains with higher CBD levels and don’t get you quite as stoned . Whatever your preferences, these babies are sure to be a hit.

If you’re growing weed as a hobby, chances are you don’t want it to be too difficult to cultivate. You probably also want sturdy plants with decent yields. Taking into consideration what the average grower might be looking for, let’s dive in.

Blueberry Head Band Feminized

You might have heard of Blueberry Head Band Feminized , and if you haven’t, you might want to familiarize yourself.

Carrying up to 42 oz. of delicious bud, we found this to be one of the highest yielding strains online . As hybrid outdoor feminized seeds , growers can expect these babies to reach up to 98 inches.

Not extremely heavy in THC, you can expect around 16%. Blueberry Head Band is a great outdoor weed because it’s easy to grow, requires little maintenance, and is extremely pest resistant.

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As a grower, you might need to install support sticks when flowering begins because the colas are long and dense. Some colas get large enough to snap unsupported stalks.

Cultivators in northern areas should germinate these outdoor marijuana seeds between late April and late May. If you grow your plants under the right conditions, the harvest should be ready by early October. Cultivators can expect thick trichome layers and the sweet scent of blueberries and lemon.

Bruce Banner x Carmen Feminized

Chances are, you’ve heard of Bruce Banner outdoor weed . Breeders also heard about it and decided to combine it with the Carmen strain to create Electric Bruce Feminized . As far as balanced effects go, few strains match this baby.

These outdoor indica plants stand only 59 inches tall and are robust little beasties. Their flowering phase lasts between 8 and 10 weeks, creating up to 21 oz. of bud per plant. When harvest time draws near, you can look at some dense, resin-laden flowers with a spicy-sweet flavor.

It offers an even 1:1 CBD/THC ratio as an outdoor-grown weed , and levels range between 8 and 12 %, respectively. Averaging at 10% THC, users experience powerful CBD effects without becoming overwhelmingly high.

It’s often a favorite of medical patients because of the CBD and is regularly used in tinctures.

While it might not specifically be the best outdoor cannabis strain , it deserves to be top five. Growers find it easy to grow, as these plants have excellent resistance to pests and mold .

Whether you’re a casual gardener or a hardcore horticulturist, growing weed has never been this easy.

Orange Bud Feminized

As the name implies, the Orange Bud Feminized outdoor marijuana seeds’ flowers share the fruit’s color and taste. The citrus and skunky flavors are heavy, with similarly strong effects following shortly after consumption.

With THC levels up to 19%, users can expect to become relaxed, talkative, and above all, a bit hungry.

Thousands of fine orange hairs give the flowers their color, and the elegant limonene and myrcene terpenes create a pleasant citrus, spice taste. Cultivators can expect some sticky scissors when they harvest, thanks to the high resin content.

The indica-dominant genes give rise to tightly-clustered flowers and stocky stature . While not as high-yielding as some other outdoor cannabis grows, cultivators can still expect a fair 14 oz. per plant. Standing at 35 – 47 inches tall, it’s quite an impressive plant.

CBD Shishkaberry x Candida Feminized

Medical patients seeking benefits beyond a heavy high could consider cultivating MediBerry Feminized.

The perfect blend of high CBD and low THC strains puts these outdoor cannabis seeds close to the top of the wellness list. It offers various relaxing properties and limits the psychoactive experience.

Like other outdoor marijuana seeds on our list, these offer impressive yields of up to 17 oz. per plant. They grow up to 43 inches tall, and foliage is a range of light and dark greens . During the flowering phase, cultivators can expect dense, heavy buds that may need support.

Focused on the medicinal aspect, it’s an outdoor weed that allows users to feel relaxed. A 5% CBD content creates an elevated sense of euphoria without the paranoia.

The low 5% THC means you might get a little buzz going, but it won’t affect you too much.

Growers can look forward to up to between 14 and 17 oz. of bud per outdoor cannabis plant. Indoor cultivators can obtain between 10 – 15 oz per square 10 feet . Fortunately, the citrus, flowery scent makes it a pleasure to grow inside.

Unlike regular seeds , feminized ones are easier to cultivate as they have better chances of being females. Males produce pollen, making fems create seeds and prioritize the nutrients to seed instead of bud production. Unless you’re a breeder looking for ways to create new strains, it’s better to stick with outdoor feminized seeds .

Critical Purple Autoflower

It’s not often that you hear about autoflowering outdoor marijuana seeds for sale . Critical Purple Autoflower is just that. While it might not offer the highest yields around town, it’s a potent strain.

When growing these outdoor marijuana seeds , you can expect the mature plants to reach up to 47 inches. While it may seem small, you can expect the plant to be covered in heavy flowers within a matter of weeks. Their growth speed is incredible if provided with enough light and nutrients.

As an autoflowering outdoor cannabis strain, it’s often easier for newbies. You can use various cultivation tricks to increase yield. Advanced growers often implement a Sea of Green method to increase yields.

Cultivators can yield a decent average of 12 oz. of smokable weed per plant. Although that’s not as much as some other strains, they’re not reliant on light cycle to enter their flowering phase, like photoperiod plants. Their autoflowering abilities make them the best outdoor cannabis seeds in the USA if you want consistent harvests every year.

How to choose the best outdoor marijuana seeds for you?

The best outdoor marijuana seeds for you might not apply to your friends. The climate, space, and budget affect where and how much you can grow. If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, it’s best to start with beginner weed seeds .

If you have a big grow area and can grow tall, sativas are a fantastic option . As outdoor weed plants, they can grow extremely tall and become quite wide. Growers can use super cropping methods to increase yields. By spreading the branches apart and allowing the colas to grow perpendicular to the branches, growers can increase their size.

Outdoor indica seeds are usually preferred, as they remain short and offer very generous yields. If you have limited space or your plants can’t grow too tall, they’re a great choice . Using topping and low-stress training methods, you can also increase your yields.

Hybrid marijuana strains are also popular among all types of outdoor marijuana growers. They usually offer benefits from both parents and often have sturdier branches than some other strains. Beginners generally have an easy time cultivating them because of their resistance to pests and mildew.

Why grow cannabis outdoors?

Everyone has different reasons for growing outdoor weed . Some people don’t have space in their homes to cultivate indoors . Others may prefer to use the sun instead of artificial light.

If you enjoy the outdoors, it’s probably also more enjoyable to cultivate outside. Many growers find it calming and therapeutic . The relation to being in nature is often a big reason for many cultivators to grow outdoor weed .

A common reason for cultivating weed outdoors is that you don’t necessarily need electricity. Unless you have a framework with plastic sheets and lights, you’re probably going to rely on the sun 100%. It has many financial and other benefits, like not having to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off.

In summer, outdoor marijuana seeds germinate and grow beautifully, with minimal hiccups. With proper trimming, natural airflow is enough to prevent mold. If heavy wind or rain is a concern, a tarp or shade cloth can help protect your crop.

What are the best nutrients for growing marijuana outdoors?

As with indoor and greenhouse strains, you need nutrients for food when you’re growing indica outdoors . Depending on what you plant your seeds in, you’ll need varying amounts of nutes. Always read the instructions on the bottle and check that you don’t over-feed your plants.

Silicon and phosphorus are essential components in cultivating outdoor marijuana . Similarly, nitrogen and magnesium are components needed for healthy growth . By providing your plants with the right minerals, you prevent diseases from developing.

Plants grown in coco coir and soil mediums have different requirements. Over-feeding your plants can lead to nutrient lockout and cost your plants their lives. Before you plant your outdoor cannabis seeds , look at what they need and amend your growth medium accordingly.

What is the average flowering time for outdoor cannabis seeds?

Depending on the strain of outdoor weed seeds you buy, the flowering time can vary. Most regular and feminized outdoor strains have a flowering time of about 8 – 12 weeks . Sunlight, nutrients, and climate also have a huge impact on growth stages.

The flowering phase for photoperiod outdoor cannabis seeds is about the same for autoflowering varieties, but autoflowers start budding after a few weeks of the vegetative stage regardless of light hours.

When you plant autoflowering outdoor marijuana seeds , the ruderalis genes allow them to flower regardless of the amount of light they have. Since they’re not dependent on a light cycle to start their flowering phase, they’re more consistent in their cycle.

What are the differences between growing marijuana outdoors vs. indoors?

There are a few similarities but also some key differences in growing weed outdoors versus indoors. Your equipment, setup, and costs also differ . Beyond that, the smell doesn’t exist in your house.

Outdoor marijuana seeds don’t have the lighting requirement that indoor crops do. Additionally, growers don’t have to worry about climate adjustments. The most important factor to consider when cultivating outdoor weed is the season.

In winter, you shouldn’t grow outdoor cannabis . Not only will your plants most likely have lower yields, but they’re more likely to die from the cold. If you have an autoflowering strain, the chances are high that the buds won’t be very big or sticky.

Many people love indoor setups because they let you increase the light, and therefore the growth of your plants. Unlike outdoor indica weed seeds, indoor versions need more attention and care. Ventilation, an automated light cycle, and heating or cooling are just a few of the additional costs most newbies don’t want to worry about yet.

Is it easy to grow outdoor cannabis seeds?

The majority of first-time growers prefer using outdoor marijuana seeds to start. Generally, they’re easy and rewarding to cultivate. Initial costs are lower than indoor or greenhouse setups, and they require less maintenance.

Like any setup, you need to monitor your pH and nutrients . Even though outdoor marijuana seeds are easier to grow, they still require an eye for detail. Nutrient or pH imbalances can lead to deficiencies, which can greatly affect your yield.

High-quality nutrients are key for healthy stem development and flower production. Buying the correct products is easy and only requires a bit of research. When it comes to having the right food, Homegrown nutrients are well respected.

If you follow proven methods and research your strain, growing outdoor weed is very simple. Key things to remember are keeping the soil moist without soaking it and removing dead foliage. By trimming your plants regularly, you can help prevent mold and mildew.

Facts growing weed seeds outdoors

Not all marijuana variants can be considered outdoor cannabis . A common misconception is that you can successfully grow any strain, anywhere. While it’s possible to some degree, some are better suited for specific environments.

Like autoflowering seeds and hybrids have specific purposes, so do outdoor marijuana seeds . Breeders chose specific parent strains that would best utilize the outside environment to make these plants thrive.

Changing their surroundings or using the wrong climate affects the result.

Most outdoor weed strains have more than one heritage. While it’s possible to find authentic single-origin variants, they’re not very common. The biggest reason most outdoor marijuana strains are hybrids is for their increased yield potential and hardiness.

Most states allow up to six plants per person . They also require your outdoor marijuana crop to be out of sight. It’s also your responsibility to lock up any extra weed and keep it away from public access.

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Why buy outdoor cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co?

Thanks to online shopping, and remote shipping, you can buy indica seeds for sale in the USA at any time of the day. An increase in suppliers and strains also creates added options for buyers . When it comes to buying your seeds, you’re probably looking for the best products available.

When you order from companies, you probably want seeds of the highest quality. Fortunately, you can visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. for top-tier outdoor weed seeds . They offer discreet shipping throughout the USA and have over 20 years of experience in cannabis culture.

No longer do you have to search that baggie to find a lone seed for germination . Now you can go online and find the best outdoor feminized seeds in the USA . Time to paint your thumb green and plant some seeds.

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Head-focused, creative, and physically energizing. Feel more alive than ever with this strain.

AK-47 delivers an energetic and uplifted cerebral-buzz that also can bring on alertness, creative and social enhancements and a general feeling of euphoria.

It’s energizing high is more likely to leave you wired than sleepy, so smoking shortly before bedtime is not recommended.

Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges near Afghanistan, this ancient strain has always been known for its deeply relaxing and sedating effects and aromatic, resinous buds.

Patchwork genetics produce a stimulating Sativa capable of skyrocketing thoughts and actions into the most spectacular of realms!

A high-yielding, fierce and fast flowering Sativa with spicy floral notes.

This easy to grow autoflowering strain yields 350 – 400g indoors and is extremely potent.

Amnesia like the name promises with get you lifted and forgetting all your woes. Award winning strain that can have strong cerebral effects – uplifting and mellow.

Retaining the Diesel taste from its OG lineage along with the famous flavor of its Cheese parent. The strain for those wanting an uplifting and energetic high.

A bubblegum you can smoke and reach the high heavens with.

Fragrant and mouthwatering. Tease your palate with a burst of bubblegum.

Buy this strain for a potent, resinous plant that has an amazing fruity taste. You can enjoy 10 weeks from seed to harvest from this auto feminized strain.

This is a great strain to try if looking for an easy grow. This Indica is sure to cause long lasting relaxation with a mellow effect.

Auto Blue Fruit is a moderate THC Indica dominant hybrid with a blueberry pie bouquet!

Bruce Banner, but faster. Get high on your favorite strain with less fuss and more fun!

This automatic flowering Sativa provides a sweet slice of relaxation with a scoop of cognitive stimulation.

This perfectly blended hybrid is a favorite as it produces the stickiest dense buds. Plan for an average yield of 400-550 g/m2 indoors.

Smash negative thoughts out of your head with Bruce Banner x Kali Mist.

A fun, euphoric, and energetic high lends to being effective any time of day.

A relatively short plant with high-yielding flowers will bud quickly and give you lots of relaxing, and appetite-stimulating effects. High doses will promote psychedelic effects, even sleepiness.

Resin coated buds grow close together but a high flower:leaf ratio means this plant is still very resistant to humidity.

This beautiful blend will grow tall with deliciously resinous buds and reward you with a well-balanced cerebral high and body relaxation.

Auto Critical 2.0 has next level moisture, disease, and pest resistance!

Expect a dreamy, euphoric, and happy influence with a side-order of forgetfulness.

Boost your mood and mental faculties with this positively euphoric strain.

Cerebral high? Check. Fast-growing? Check. Healing effects of CBD? All checks across the board!

Auto Kush CBD Fem is a gentle and therapeutic auto flowering strain that provides psychedelic effects, sweet aromas, and moderate yields.

You can combine work with chilling out? Balance your life with CBD Kush.

A deliciously fruity strain tailor-made for the medical marijuana community.

A Dutch coffee shop menu staple that has been enhanced with healthful CBD.

Relaxing yet euphoric. Wrap up your day with this highly delectable treat.

Experience a therapeutic and highly relaxing journey like no other.

Experience intense relaxation and calm while luxuriating in the sweet vanilla scent.

A medicinal strain that is as glamorous as it is powerful.

The first few tokes treat you very sativa – happy and uplifted, then when the Indica creeps in later, you will find yourself searching for a couch to lean on!

Bippity boppity boo. Experience the magic of Cinderella99 faster than before, no spells needed!

Clear your schedule for the biggest and baddest nuggets you will ever encounter.

Mild THC levels offer a lighter high for daytime use, although you will still notice the effects both mentally and physically.

It will tolerate most environments as long as its friends and family tolerate the smell of putrid, smelly socks.

A safe bet for those who want to be certain to obtain a heavy yield.

Mentally stimulating with a touch of physical relaxation. Conquer the day with this strain.

Delight your senses with a sweet earthy smell. Envelope your body with deep relaxation.

Be in awe as your mental stimulation and sociability soar through the roof.

Stress-free nights with Auto Cream are sweet and sedating, infused with 19% THC.

The biggest buds you’ve ever laid eyes on, coupled with a heavenly stone.

The benefits of this cannabis strain are crystal-clear: outstanding aroma and euphoric relaxation.

This plant is very compact (60-80 cm) and easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

This funky Skunk doused will make you want to welcome it into your home.

You don’t need a fairy godmother to get your hands on this chocolate orange cannabis.

Let the Widow wash away your anxiety and soothe your body.

She’s a royal flower who tastes like a fruity, mocha-drizzed truffle.

Supremely decadent with an intense cerebral buzz and relaxing aftermath.

A fruity tropical treat that can share branch-breaking yields.

This one creeps up on you with a full-body high that comes on like a wave.

Considered a fairly stable and reliable strain. Even if you grow multiple plants, you’ll generally find that their size, appearance and yields should be pretty similar across the board.

Big Devil XXL provides consistently large yields for an auto flowering strain and a few puffs will invite you to face your fears and share with your peers!

This bud is your panacea!

Bringing Skunk potency, heavy harvest, and easy to grow quality without the stink!

Eternally mysterious, but its potency will surely answer all of life’s questions.

Wake up to the greatness of two top-shelf crowd-pleasers today.

Creative, energetic, and focus-enhancing. Perfect for daytime use.

A recipe for double the flavor and double the fun.

Intensely fragrant and flavorful. Experience the glorious blend of cerebral uplift and profound body stone.

Tasty and wonderfully balanced. Perfect for your recreational and therapeutic needs.

Also knows as “Original Glue”, this powerful hybrid strain is created through crossing the infamous Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel strains.

Like baking cookies, growing this strain is easy, but requires time and attention. Your childhood wishes have all finally came true: cookies now do grow on trees.

Proof that you can never have too much of a good thing.

Awesome gets awesomer with the combination of two cannabis classics.

The high is very uplifting, energizing, and happy although the user may get a sense of “brain-fog” when consumed in high levels.

What happened in Spain did not stay in Spain – luckily!

It has calming medicinal properties that relieve stress and pain, promoting a good night’s rest.

A medicinal marijuana masterpiece that delights with a tropical flavor.

A true cannabis classic.

Just like the full moon over the Hawaiian islands, mysteriously serene and unexpectedly exciting.

Named after the Cannabis activist Jack Herer, this strain will also keep you active! Very uplifting high prompting creativity and daydreaming.

Captures the cerebral stimulation of Sativas and the resin factory of Indicas.

Expect robust cerebral and euphoric effects, unlike any other.

Lavender is what the Garden of Eden smells and feels like.

Lemon OG gives new meaning to the term presidential.

The easy-to-grow hybrid for afternoons that need uplifting and some cerebral, lemon-flavored fun.

This prized weed is now in easy-to-grow autoflowering form.

The effects come on slowly as you’re hit with this full body-high wave that will chill you right out.

A refreshing bouquet of eucalyptus and pine fills the air with this automatic flowering, medium THC Indica dominant beauty.

Growing cannabis from seed outdoors

There are a number of reasons why thousands of cultivators choose to grow marijuana outside in their gardens.

For starters, you’re not limited by space, meaning you can raise multiple crops at once. You also don’t have to worry about the height of your cannabis plants, allowing them to reach their maximum size.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing outdoor weed seeds is their ability to produce bigger yields compared to indoor setups. As a result, you get more bang for your buck and ensure you have enough buds to last through the winter.

Another reason this cultivating method is popular is that it’s budget-friendly. You don’t need to buy any expensive lights or other growing equipment as crops rely solely on the sun to mature.

Even though raising high yield outdoor seeds is easy, you’ll still need to give your cannabis plants plenty of attention. We suggest pruning your marijuana crops regularly to maintain air circulation and prevent bud rot from ruining your harvests.

When it comes to germinating your weed seeds, we recommend using the paper towel technique over planting directly into the soil. This method is simple to perform, making it ideal for beginners, and it cuts the waiting time down to five days.

Mineral-rich soil is a fantastic choice of medium for outdoor cannabis seeds as it provides your plants with essential nutrients. Not only will it keep your marijuana crops strong and healthy, but it also enhances the strain’s signature flavor profile.

The only downside to using soil from your garden is that it’s a potential breeding ground for pests. Many cultivators opt for a sterile option for their outdoor weed seeds like coco coir to eliminate this issue.

This type of soilless medium also retains moisture very well, ensuring your crops won’t dry out quickly. Since coco coir doesn’t contain any minerals, you’ll need to add a balanced fertilizer when feeding plants to keep them healthy.

When raising high yield outdoor seeds , you’ll need to plan your growing schedule according to the warmer months. Cultivators that live in the Northern Hemisphere should start the germination process in April.

Your cannabis crops can then soak up the Summer sun and start flowering before the start of Fall. Most photoperiodic strains are then ready for harvest by late September or October, just missing out on the first frost.

It’s crucial to give your outdoor marijuana seeds as much light as possible once they’ve germinated, regardless of their genetics. Cannabis plants need an average of 10–12 hours of sunlight every day in order to provide generous yields.

The key to growing weed outside in your garden is giving your crops enough water. Most beginners end up overwatering their outdoor cannabis seeds in fear of them drying out. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to wait 2–3 days before feeding your plants again.

Another way of preventing overwatering if you’re growing in pots is to learn the dry weight of your container. That way, you’ll know if your marijuana plants are hungry or if you should wait longer before watering them.

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We also recommend investing in a pH meter to keep an eye on the health of your high yield outdoor seeds . Cannabis requires a slightly acidic medium to ensure roots can absorb nutrients.

These devices also tell you how much moisture is in the soil, making it easier to determine when to feed crops.

Choosing the best location to grow cannabis

Finding the optimal spot for your outdoor weed seeds in your garden will improve your chances of harvesting big yields. Here we take you through the steps necessary to find the perfect location for your cannabis crops.

The first variable you need to take into account is the amount of exposure your marijuana plants have to the sun. As we’ve mentioned, crops need as much light as possible, so find an area that’s southern-facing for optimal results.

The next aspect to consider when finding an area for your high yield outdoor seeds is the presence of structures. If your region experiences strong winds, try planting your cannabis crops next to a natural windbreak to avoid broken branches.

Cultivators living in colder climates should grow marijuana plants near brick walls to help retain the warmth. Just make sure the structure doesn’t cast a shadow and prevent sunlight from reaching your crops.

On the other hand, consider erecting shade cloth to protect plants from overheating if you’re growing outdoor cannabis seeds in a hot climate. Remember to keep the humidity under control by ensuring there are enough gaps for air to get in.

When choosing a spot for your marijuana crops, make sure there’s enough space to erect a trellis net. This type of structure becomes important when plants start flowering as it supports the weight of the heavy buds.

If you live in an area that regularly experiences strong storms, we suggest raising your outdoor weed seeds in pots. Using containers for your plants allows you to bring them undercover for extra protection.

The size of your pot will also determine how large your plants can grow. It’s possible to raise photoperiodic crops in small containers, moving them to bigger ones towards the end of their vegging phase.

As for outdoor autoflower seeds , it’s best to plant them in large pots to prevent you from damaging the roots. Most experienced cultivators opt for containers over five gallons as they ensure crops can reach their full potential.

Best outdoor cannabis seeds for cultivation

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor marijuana seeds for high yields, there are various things you need to consider.

The most important aspect to take into account is the type of climate in your area. Cultivators who live in colder environments will find the most success with indica strains. These types of cannabis crops thrive in lower temperatures and can resist strong winds.

If you live in a hot, humid environment, you’re better off selecting high yield outdoor seeds dominated by sativa genetics. These marijuana plants are less likely to be affected by moisture-related issues like mold and mildew.

It’s also important to ensure your selected cannabis strain isn’t susceptible to pests or pathogens. That way, you eliminate having to use any insecticides that may affect the taste of your buds.

Another factor to consider when choosing outdoor marijuana seeds is how long they take to grow. Most photoperiodic crops take around 26–30 weeks to germinate and produce a harvest.

Picking an autoflower strain cuts this average time in half, awarding yields in around 12–14 weeks. Although this cannabis variety generally doesn’t offer very heavy yields, you’re able to grow multiple crops throughout the year.

Top 8 cannabis seeds to grow outdoors

Our wide selection of amazing outdoor weed seeds can sometimes make it hard to decide which ones to buy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the eight most popular cannabis cultivars in our store to help you along.

Big Bud

The iconic Big Bud strain has always promised effortless yields ever since it entered the market in the 80s. This fast version is no different, making these high yield outdoor seeds perfect for beginners.

Although these marijuana crops only take 6–8 weeks to flower, they still rely on light to enter this blooming stage. It’s best to raise this indica-dominant strain in a Mediterranean climate, resulting in outdoor yields of around 25–26 oz./plant.

Consuming these 14–17% THC buds triggers a powerful, relaxed sensation in your mind and body. It’s best to save the marijuana from these outdoor seeds for evening sessions as they tend to leave you feeling sedated.

Critical Mass

If you’re looking for a mellow smoke that’ll keep you relaxed throughout the day, Critical Mass is the one for you. This indica-dominant strain only has 5–8% THC and 8–12% CBD, making it a popular option amongst medicinal users.

Anyone can grow these high yield outdoor seeds , even if it’s your first time cultivating cannabis. Crops have a flowering time of 8–9 weeks and produce 21–26 oz./plant by October, depending on your climate.

These attractive buds emit a sweet fragrance once mature, filling the room and your mouth with fruity goodness. Once consumed, any tension or discomfort dissipates, and you’re left feeling calm yet alert.


Take your afternoons to the next level with Chronic outdoor weed seeds and the balanced effects their buds offer. Unlike most indica-dominant hybrids, these succulent nugs give you a boost of energy before slowly relaxing your body.

It owes its potent 23% THC content and thick trichome coating to its legendary parent White Widow. After 8–10 weeks of flowering, these dazzling crops net a massive harvest of 30–32oz./plant.

Anyone can grow these high yield outdoor seeds from home, including beginners. Lighting these buds up releases a strong earthy musk into the air, followed by a wave of spice as you take a puff.

Black Widow

When it comes to late-night snacks, it’s hard to compete with the Black Widow strain and its 24–28% THC content. These indica-dominant outdoor cannabis seeds are also responsible for creating gorgeous crops and flowers that’ll win any beauty contest.

If this cultivar’s fruit and pine fragrance doesn’t seduce your senses, its powerful effects sure will. These buds pack a punch, delivering a sedating blow to every inch of your body, sending you swiftly to sleep.

Raising these female seeds outdoors is an exciting process that anyone can experience, regardless of their skill. Once crops begin to flower, you’ll need to wait 8–10 weeks before harvesting your buds and bagging 11–14 oz./plant.

White Widow

There’s nothing like starting your day on a high note with the 19–23% THC buds from the White Widow strain. These iconic outdoor seeds are the result of mixing an Indian and Brazilian landrace and hold multiple cannabis awards.

It’s easy to tell these flowers apart from any other weed strains as their thick snowy coat gives them away. While many fans use these buds for an energy boost, they also tend to enhance your creative side.

Beginners love growing these outdoor marijuana seeds as they’re able to resist mold and pests, ensuring a quality harvest. Crops have a flowering time of 7–8 weeks, after which they produce yields of up to 25 oz./plant.

Power Plant

Power Plant is the queen of wake and bake strains, with its ability to improve your mood as you get out of bed. These high yield outdoor seeds entered the market after breeders managed to stabilize an African sativa landrace.

It only takes a few seconds before you start feeling the stimulating effects of these 13–21% THC buds. Expect a sudden cerebral rush to send you into a world of bliss as the sweet licorice flavors dance on your tongue.

These outdoor cannabis seeds are perfect for first-time cultivators as their resilient nature makes them maintenance-free. After 8–9 weeks of flowering, you’re rewarded with a hefty yield measuring around 28 oz./plant.

Master Kush

Kick stress to the curb with the Master Kush strain and its ability to lift your spirits while locking you to the couch. These outdoor weed seeds come from mixing Hindu Kush with Skunk genetics to create an indica masterpiece.

Flowers release a strong earthy aroma that tastes like refreshing pine every time you have a toke. It’s best to keep your dose of these tantalizing buds low, as their 20–24% THC content can knock out the most seasoned smokers.

Cultivating these outdoor cannabis seeds isn’t difficult, making them a solid choice for beginner growers. Crops take 8–10 weeks to flower, producing a respectable harvest of around 4–7 oz./plant.

Super Silver Haze

Shake those morning blues with the Super Silver Haze strain and its stimulating buds with 15–19% THC. The powerful cerebral effects take hold within seconds of consuming these nugs, sending your mind on a euphoric journey.

These high yield outdoor seeds are almost maintenance-free, making them a suitable option for beginners. After flowering for 9–10 weeks, cultivators can expect to harvest 21–25 oz./plant from this sativa-dominant hybrid.

Lighting up these raw buds releases a thick plume of smoke that gives off their signature citrus and metallic smell. Each puff fills your mouth with a sweet flavor, followed by a spicy aftertaste.

Buy outdoor marijuana seeds

The best place to buy high yield outdoor seeds is right here, from our convenient online store. We have a wide variety of quality cultivars with stabilized genetics that promise a 99% germination rate.

Once you’ve found your favorite cannabis strain, use one of the various secure payment methods to complete your order. There is even the option to track your outdoor marijuana seeds straight to your door.

Our discreet delivery procedure also means you don’t have to worry about any disgruntled neighbors giving you a hard time. Plus, if you need any additional assistance, our customer support lines are open 24/7.

Frequently asked questions about outdoor seeds

Not sure if high yield outdoor seeds are the right choice for your growing setup? Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

What are outdoor seeds?

Outdoor seeds refer to cannabis strains that flourish in natural conditions, making them the perfect option for your garden. These types of crops can resist harmful pests and pathogens, producing generous yields come rain or shine.

Although you’re restricted to cultivating during the warmer months, this type of growing technique is cheaper than indoor setups. They’re also a fantastic way for beginners to learn before attempting a more challenging strain.

What is the highest yielding outdoor strain?

While there are various high yield outdoor seeds , nothing can compete with the output of the Blue Headband feminized strain. This balanced hybrid has become increasingly popular in the marijuana market due to its gigantic harvests measuring 35–141 oz./plant.

Its powerful 20% THC buds trigger a powerful cerebral buzz that clears your mind and improves your mood. After a while, its signature relaxing qualities swoop in, releasing stress from your body as you melt over the sofa.

What is the best outdoor autoflowering strain?

Fans of outdoor seeds looking for high-yielding autoflower strains will adore Northern Lights x Mazar . These crops don’t rely on light to start blooming, meaning they’ll produce harvests measuring 16–21 oz./plant year-round.

Anyone can grow this autoflower strain from home without too much fuss. They don’t require any training and can resist harmful pests and pathogens. Plus, these high yield outdoor seeds only take 12–14 weeks to offer a succulent harvest.

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