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ordering seeds from seedsman

But if you are confused between options, or do not know which strain of cannabis is right for your technical level, you can consult the staff. The customer service staff of this seed bank are enthusiastic and youthful. Although young, they have a good knowledge of cannabis, and the leaders of the Gorilla seed bank are experienced people.

ILGM is one of the top Amsterdam seed banks that ship to USA and we highly recommend their service and seed quality. This online seed bank not only offers cheap cannabis seeds, but they also have a collection of hundreds of cannabis strains. Whatever your preference, we believe you can still choose a certain strain from the ILGM seed stock.

MSNL’s seed quality is one of the reasons this seed bank has become so popular. They possess the top genetics and are known as the original seed bank. And most of the seeds in their storage have a high germination rate.

#7 Gorilla Seed Bank – Most Promising Seed Bank

You can contact the customer service staff directly through the dedicated US telephone line. You can ask them anything related to cannabis seeds or cultivation, or any problems you have with your order.

Gorilla Seed Bank is a UK based seed bank that growers should add to their list. Gorilla seed bank is becoming more and more popular with its range of top-notch quality cannabis strains that are loved by the international cannabis community. And of course, this online seed bank will deliver fast and secure to every US state.

The seeds of the Gorilla are quite good quality and carefully selected. The selling price of seeds in this seed bank is also not expensive compared to the quality. The more you buy, the cheaper the price.

This seed bank also runs a lot of promotions and discounts as a warm-up to the cannabis community’s need to buy seeds. Attitude Seed Bank’s seed price is also cheap, but with the application of these discounts, it is an attractive choice.

When you order from us, our packaging team will carefully decide whether it should be sent in a plain, protective envelope, a DVD case for added protection or something else for longer deliveries.

If your order has been sent we are not able to make any changes and cannot take any responsibility for an incorrect address.

What happens if I remove the Discreet Delivery product when I place my order and then the order goes missing in transit?

All orders are sent discreetly.

In most cases, your order will be sent within 5 days of confirmation. If there are issues with your order, we will contact you immediately. During busy periods, please check our Support Center to find out if there are any delays before contacting us.

We will do our best to swap free seeds where possible. We are able to swap free seeds from the same breeder. i.e Seedsman Free feminised seeds to Seedsman Auto free seeds.

Howdy all! I’m back on Rollitup after 12 years and ready to start growing again. FINALLY!
Since I’m starting with seeds and like to keep my fellow growers informed, I’m posting my review on Seedsman.
Selection: 8/10 IMO there’s always room for more variety
Price: 9/10 5 Girl Scout Cookies (fem),3 Gorilla Glue #4 (fem) and BONUS 3 Mama Mia (fem) seeds. Total $81.33. let’s face it folks, if it were any cheaper I’d be nervous about the product I’m receiving.
Service: 9/10 I always give the benefit of the doubt until I’m proven wrong past deniability.
6/2/18 Order placed/paid (Saturday)
6/7/18 Order shipped (Thursday)
6/15/18 Order received in Alabama.
Their website is up to par and correspondence is timely.
Quality: 3 GSC and 1 GG#4 seeds popped within 36 hours and fully sprouted within 72 hours.
Stealth Rating: No

Other Comments: Based on all of the aforementioned information and the fact that this is my first exchange with Seedsman I am very satisfied. I have been really fortunate on the delivery time and I can only hope for the same in the future. Very impressed with the overall experience! I did not order Stealth Shipping because their are just too many variables in play with ordering custom marijuana seeds internationally. To me it’s just not worth it. At any level, it’s only a matter of time until something goes wrong. If someone wants to steal from you they will. If someone wants to narc on you they will. It is what it is. Regardless, I think Seedsman is going to have my business for a good while.