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nl seeds

The hardier of the cannabis strains, outdoor strains grow tall and produce big yields.

High quality feminized Indica strains, known for their powerful sedative stone.


In recent years the evolution of weed seed production has allowed MSNL breeders to develop some of the finest feminized seed genetics available. By isolating and removing the male hormone our female cannabis seeds produce 99.9% female plants, allowing growers to increase the speed of production and range of strains they can produce at a given time. Although not always the case, it is generally the male plant that growers try to avoid as it the males which can cross pollinate, fertilizing the female plants in your setup. This leads to a lower quality final product that often leaves buds riddled with seeds.

These highly sought after female marijuana (Cannabis, weed) seeds give growers full control over their operations helping eradicate any potential variations in phenotype and ensure only the finest buds are produced. Our range of feminized marijuana (Cannabis, weed) seeds is extensive and developed by our breeders to offer a variety of seeds for all tastes. They consist of Indica, Sativa and hybrid photoperiod and autoflowering genetics which contain Cannabis Cup Winners, Blue, Purple and Cheese strains amongst an array of other weed seed varieties.

Female producing feminized strains, developed specifically for indoor setups.

Original Afghani REG (Canuk Seeds) – 2 Free Seeds

Amnesia AUTO FEM (Canuk Seeds) – 1 Free Seed


Plants of this variety are very compact and respond well to any growing methods, they perform well in pot, soil and/or hydroponics setups. Their miniature size makes them ideal for places with limited spaces. Breeding specialists from that industry made this highly suitable for outdoor growing; It is a fantastic strain for gardens where smell is an unfavorable factor.

G 13 Labs seeds Auto NL is said to be a great yielder – 350-450 gr. per m2 when grown indoors and 600 gr per m2 when grown outside.

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NLSeeds is a wholesale / big sale company based in the Netherlands. We have 12 years of experience in growing and selling cannabis seeds world wide. We offer high quality cannabis seeds at a fair price. All of our Cannabis seeds are selected by hand and tested to filter out the highest quality female seeds.

I bought the Black diamond strain, it is a very relaxing strain with a sweet taste. The strain makes you productive and creative a true spice to the taste buds!


Over the last three decades, we have become the premiere wholesale distributor of fast-selling, Cannabis seeds at discount prices. We have never strayed from our family business mentality and we continue to treat each of our customers the way we would like to be treated. We are, and have always been, committed to being Your Profit Source since 2005

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The Amnesia haze strain was great for growing, it gave me a lot of big buds and almost got 900grams of 1 plant! the smell was amazing and the taste was like something i have never experienced before.