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This is the online web browser based version of Microsoft Office. It contains the lite versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is the online storage service of Microsoft. It can be compared to services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Microsoft gives 1TB storage space per user for OneDrive for Business.
In comparison with OneDrive (for private use), OneDrive for Business is not scanned by Microsoft for commercial purposes.

Microsoft Forms can be used for making questionnaires, tests and surveys and quickly see the incoming results. When making a test or a form, others can be invited to fill this out through a web browser, even on mobile devices. As soon as the answers are given, you can use the build-in analysis for evaluating the answers. Form data, like test results, can be easily exported to Excel for extra analysis or rating.

Keep in mind when you store data in OneDrive, that this is a Cloud service of an American company, so the Patriot act is applicable.

Monday to Wednesday € 31,90
Children from 3 to 10 years € 15,00

Welcome to restaurant Miss Korea BBQ

For changes or cancellations call 020-6790606 .


In an attractive and cozy environment, Miss Korea BBQ offers you a true experience of being back in Korea.

Miss Korea BBQ offers you an assortment of fresh, tasty Korean, Japanese sushi and grill specialties. We have a great divers assortment of Korean soju spirits and beer. In every table we have a BBQ build in for an Korean BBQ experience for everyone. All tables have a exhaust integrated for the smoke suction and prevent odor.


For questions regarding the Global MS Research Booster Award, please contact research coordinator Ms. Kirstin Heutinck:

The Global MS Research Booster Award is the result of a collaboration between MoveS, MS International Federation (MSIF) and the Dutch MS Research Foundation and is made possible by the financial support of MoveS.

A hard copy of the signed grant can be send to:


Submitted applications are evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch MS Reseach Foundation. Submissions are scored with regard to excellence of the candidate, quality of the research proposal, novelty and/or appeal of the project, quality of the host institute and international collaboration.

An application of the Global MS Research Booster Award entails the following parts:

The Dutch MS Research Foundation and MoveS grant the award based on the evaluation of the Scientific Advisory Board and available funding. Only projects that meet all objectives of the Global MS Booster Award are qualified for granting.

MoveS is a Dutch charity that organises multiple activities to raise funding for MS research. Recurrent annual events including Klimmen tegen MS (climbing the Mount Ventoux in France). MoveS has a clear mission: A world free of MS.