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new seed media reviews

Good location, good salary, there are plenty of opportunities to try new things since the company is relatively small. Many big names in science contribute articles.

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CEO is challenging and obtuse, higher ups look down on new employees, paycheck was late twice which affected bill paying on my part

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SOOOOO beware when you cancel your account.

I tried New Seed Media for their "free 10 day trial" back in 2019. Within a few days of the free trial I received threatening messages from Instagram saying the activity on my account appeared to be suspect. I was instantly scared off from the service and immediately changed my instagram password and asked to stop the service. After changing my password things seemed to go back to normal on my account. However, what I did not realize was that New Seed Media had continued to charge me $49 per month for over a year racking up over $800 in charges for a service I never received nor wanted. I've reached out to them upon this discovery several times and have been continuously ignored. I've contacted the bank several times as well. As it stands, no one from NSM has addressed the issue or attempted to make it right. They are stealing from me which is the exact opposite of being helpful especially to small business and especially now. How deeply disappointing. Save yourself the heartache and financial hemorrhaging. believe me you do not need phony followers or likes to move the needle on your business, you can handle instagram on your own. BEWARE of New Seed Media, they are, quite apparently, total slimeballs.

We contacted them, and they said it was because our account was paused because we had reached a max amount fo 10000 follows, which is NOT true. Ugh, to say the least, it has been a back and forth, and I feel we are being taken advantage of, and they want to get paid for something they did not work for.


New Seed Media has a consumer rating of 4.08 stars from 9 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. New Seed Media ranks 56th among Business Services Other sites.

Where do I begin. At first, it was exciting watching our followers grow on Instagram, I mean it was like 152 followers in a few days, we did that for a few months until we reached about 920 something, we couldn't afford it anymore, so we canceled our account but were still charged for the month of June, so we let them know that it was ok, that we will continue our service until the end of June, well to our surprise, our account stopped COLD TURKEY, no more followers, in fact, we were being unfollowed in a very fast rate. And we also could not follow anyone. It was very frustrating.

I signed up for one of the higher packages and I was a bit skeptical to be honest but it works just like they say it does. Only negative which I saw elsewhere is it could be faster but that might be an Instagram thing.

I've been a customer for a few months now and referred several people to new seed and for good reason. I have to say that I love how amazing the service has been. Fitness, gaming and film is my passion you've really helped me get my voice out there to help others. I couldn't be more happy and its a service I highly recommend to everyone if you are looking for organic growth and getting your voice out there.

The legal back-and-forth surrounding gig workers has already proved costly — Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and others spent a combined $200 million pushing Prop 22, making it the single costliest ballot measure in California’s history. There’s no telling how much they could lose if bills they’ve invested in in other states, like Massachusetts Bill H.1234, are struck down by the courts.

The new seed round, led by ManchesterStory and The Hive, brings InShare’s total funding to $7.5 million. The company plans on using the funding to build out its technology, as well as expand into untapped markets and launch new ventures.

“Traditional insurance isn’t really built for sharing assets. It’s really not built for the blend of commercial and personal insurance either,” said Warnquist. “Traditional insurance just doesn’t meet many of the needs — it meets some of them, but it doesn’t meet many of the needs of the users in the space.”

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“Think about it as bringing the scale that a Fortune 100 employer would to give great benefits to its employees, but doing that at scale for independent workers,” CEO Mark Warnquist told Modern Shipper.

Specialized insurance is an essential piece of the sharing economy for several reasons. For one, it’s often required by regulation, which rideshare companies and other transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft were instrumental in pushing forward. It’s also necessary to protect workers — and the balance sheet.

The company is building out its own Silicon Valley tech team, led by Sarabandi, in real time. It’s also made investments in two insurance platforms, Snapsheet on the claims side and Salesforce on the policy side, to optimize the services it already has in place.

“We need to be able to be facile and quick in delivering products for the sharing economy. That requires technology to be able to do that,” Warnquist told Modern Shipper. “So we’re building out tech and investing in regulated products to be able to be facile, and do something different than the rest of the insurance world is doing.”