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marijuana seeds san francisco

Seed Supreme highlights: Seed Supreme is one of Europe’s best-known cannabis seedbanks, and one of the most popular stateside, too.

Selection: There aren’t many seedbanks with the depth of choice offered by i49 (besides Homegrown). 401 strains ranging from feminized, autos, beginners, regulars and fast-flowers.

Selection: With over 4000 strains, Seed Supreme has a HUGE selection, helpfully separated into fems, autos, regs, and medicinal.

?Third place: Seed Supreme?

It’s a BRILLIANT way to turn a $10 seed into a fat pile of extremely valuable weed.

This brand has it all.

It’s our guide to finding the first port of call for your new hobby.

It’s a gateway to growing other plants like herbs, vegetables and fruit.

A rare strain to come by, Silver Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds produce a refreshing and revitalizing minty aroma. This 70/30 sativa provides a strong jolt of euphoria to the brain, which may be ideal for users with depression and low energy levels.

Are you an artist or musician looking for a boost of creativity? Sativa strains are known for their uplifting energy, creative inspiration, and increased focus. Check out these sativa based strains to get your creative juices flowing:

Silver Kush AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds

The City by the Bay has a long and illustrious relationship with marijuana. A cultural hub for music and the arts, the hippie movement was forced in its Haight- Ashbury district in the 1960’s. Many musicians (and famous imbibers of marijuana), including Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, called the city home. In the present day, Golden Gate Park hosts the Outside Lands music festival each year. Headed out to the festival this year? What could be cooler than growing your own marijuana plants just for the occasion? Check out our inventory of weed seeds and get started today!

Get relaxed and happy with the classic favorite, Northern Lights marijuana seeds. With moderate yields and a sweet, earthy taste, Northern Lights is a great indica option that’s sure to impress anyone who tries it.

Another foggy day in the bay? Get some green in your life by learning how to grow marijuana plants with Pacific Seed Bank! Based right here in California, we are the best place to buy marijuana seeds in San Francisco. We offer over 100 strains of cannabis seeds to choose from, including indica, sativa, hybrid, kush, and CBD strains. Need help with the online store? Contact our helpful customer service agents and get your questions answered. We’ll deliver your seeds right to your door, in as little as five days!

Buy marijuana seeds San Francisco, California from TheSeedPharm. Touch down in the Town we’re as big as KD! We love the Warriors and we love G Eazy. Additionally, San Fran loves growing marijuana. Therefore, when you order seeds online, you can grow in your home or apartment. With mild weather year round, makes San Francisco the ideal city to grow in. For the most part, people don’t know that Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood is from San Francisco. Subsequently, so is my Yankee hall of famer Joe DiMaggio. “Where did you go Joe DiMaggio, our weed nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you”. In short, we can’t sing, but growing your own big medical marijuana plants, saves you money. Hence you can stop buyer from your local supplier and paying retail prices.

At TheSeedPharm we have high quality marijuana seeds. In particular, we deal with the best seed breeders in Europe. Next, you can order online and we will ship it discreetly to your home. When you buy marijuana seeds San Francisco, make your payment with paypal, TransferWise and cash. By the way, cash payments will receive bonus seeds. Before shipping, all seeds are packaged discreetly and mailed to you. After five to ten business days, your stealth package will arrive. In this case, we guarantee the delivery of your order, 100%. Finally, thousands of customers agree that we are the best online seeds mail company in the world. Lastly, America is going green, it’s time to buy marijuana seeds San Francisco and join the revolution. You can order OG Kush and White Widow. You can smoke Pineapple Express and stare at the Golden Gate Bridge.

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