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marijuana seeds norway

Because second time offenders face a much harsher punishment, a majority of men and women in Norway that smoke weed choose to resort to growing their own cannabis from marijuana seeds that they buy from someone they know, or they simply order in on the Internet.

The personal use of marijuana in Norway is not something that is permitted in this country. The laws that are followed in Norway state that a person is unable to buy or sell cannabis, possess and smoke weed, or grow plants from marijuana seeds.

However, when a person is caught with only a small amount of cannabis (as much as 15 grams or less) that is used for their own personal use, first time offenders are usually only given the punishment of having to pay between 1500 and 5000 kroner. There are exceptions that are frequently made however in cases where a man or woman has a legitimate medical need to smoke weed.

There are many people that have found there are actually quite a few ways that a person can discreetly plant their own marijuana garden. This can easily be done both indoors and outdoors, providing the right amount of weed for an individual’s own personal use.

A recent study revealed that many cannabis growers are deterred from large-scale cultivation, due to the organisational challenges involved and the lack of specialised botanical skills. Sveinung Sandberg, who co-authored the study, commented: “Growing marijuana is a complicated process and it’s easy to water the plants the wrong way, or make other mistakes that could ruin a whole crop.”

Despite the harsh prison sentences for even small-scale cultivation, there are people in the country that take the risk and grow cannabis anyway. The imported hashish that dominates Norway’s illegal cannabis market is often of poor quality, which leads local growers to cultivate cannabis domestically in a bid to produce a superior product.

Large-scale traffickers also operate in Norway. In 2018, the authorities seized 700 kilograms of cannabis, and arrested nine people. Police Chief Ketil Haukaas commented: “The narcotics are coming from abroad, and there are professional, organised criminals following the narcotics into Norway.”

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Norway?

Norway’s Penal Code states that offenders will be sentenced to a prison term “not exceeding two years” if caught producing, importing, exporting, acquiring, storing, sending or supplying narcotic drugs.

Cannabis cultivation is illegal in Norway. “Producing” cannabis (i.e. growing it) is an imprisonable offence, with individuals receiving a prison sentence of up to two years. After cannabis has been decriminalised for personal use, this may affect the cultivation laws – but at the time of writing, the Norwegian government has confirmed nothing.

Norway has traditionally adopted a tough stance on cannabis. Prison sentences are in place for its use, sale and cultivation. In 2016, the country introduced a medicinal cannabis programme and in 2017, it announced that cannabis use would be decriminalised in the future. This may lead to the reintroduction of the hemp industry, and possibly more.

Back in 2013, the Green Party pushed for state-controlled cannabis production and sale just a few days after Uruguay adopted their cannabis legalisation bill. Although they weren’t successful at the time, it seems that they may have set the wheels in motion for decriminalisation to happen.

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