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Why do we have Cannabis? With the name Anything Grows for many years we were asked does “Anything” grow? Wink wink nudge nudge. Well now it does! For those with medical permits & others as souvenirs, we will carry a small selection of Cannabis Seeds. As with our other seeds we do not ship outside of Canada. You must be over 19 to purchase Cannabis Seed. All growing notes come from the seed companies.

Deepak Anand of Cannabis Compliance Inc., a consulting firm, says selling seeds and clones has been put on the backburner by licensed producers as they focus on supplying enough dried marijuana for the recreational market.

Cannabis Seeds

Located 35 kilometres west of London, Eve is expanding the greenhouse operation it shares with its subsidiary, Natural MedCo, a medicinal cannabis producer, to 92,900 square metres, making the company one of the Canada’s 10 largest licensed producers.

But Eve’s clone-selling model won’t work in Ontario, where residents will eventually be allowed to grow up to four pot plants at home, because of logistics, Rombouts said.

Those plants, familiar to home gardeners and selected for their similarity to pot plants in structure and hardiness, were sent to garden centres across the country last winter.

“Total THC” refers to the levels of active cannabinoids in the cannabis after it has been prepared for consumption by heating through vaping, smoking or cooking. The “Total” cannabinoid content numbers are most helpful in identifying the potential potency that the product may have when consumed.

No. Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for seeds that do not germinate.

+ What is decarboxylation?

Cannabis plants require a lot of attention and very specific conditions to thrive. You’ll need an enclosed space where you can control light and humidity. On average, indoor plants require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to promote flowering. Watering your indoor cannabis plants regularly with filtered water will help encourage growth. Click here for more information on growing your own cannabis plants.

This always depends on how much you consume, how you consume it and your genetics, age, personality, gender and other personal biological factors. Effects can take up to 24 hours to fully dissipate, but THC can be detectable in the bloodstream for up to seven days or more, depending on several factors, including frequency of use.

The brain continues developing until around age 25, and the use of cannabis may interfere with this development. This is because when consumed, cannabis directly interacts with your brain and central nervous system. Risks are increased with heavy, prolonged consumption and the early onset of use.

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