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Why did I choose Bruce Banner? Because it’s the right strain for me. I know this from experience, and based on my own personal weed preferences.

Literally the most famous strain of marijuana on the planet. If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds that have a global appeal, Blue Dream is a solid bet. This cannabis just makes you feel GOOD. It has a pronounced mood boosting effect, with a touch of headiness. Blue Dream’s flavor is distinctly sweet.


We’ve given you a solid run down of some of the basic things you should probably know when you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds online. We can’t stress this enough—USE REPUTABLE SEED BANKS THAT SHIP TO US. It’s frankly the only way that you’ll be able to find the consistency of quality that you need.


For most home growers, male plants can be a nuisance if you’re trying to maximize your yield of seedless buds. For those growers with a little more experience who are looking to cross-breed a few particular strains to create new ones, buying regular marijuana seeds is an excellent option.

You cant control what is sent to you in the mail. Youre worst enemy could send you something, report it, and get you into trouble.

Normally Skunkband is $168 by itself.


Munson is $108. $286 worth of seeds. NOT including shipping. I think Shipping is around $8-$10. Or less

Theres several great places to seeds inside US, that will ship to an unfriendly state.

Dominion Seed Company

The current situation in the US is that although it’s usually safe to buy /order seeds online, it’s very risky for the seed bank sell them or send them from one state to another due to the different laws in each state.

Poor quality seeds, missing packages and unresponsive customer service is far too common.

Seedsman is my number one pick when it comes to online seed banks, and the best EU seed bank by far.

It’s my first grow, which strain should I choose?

Check out my full review of ILGM here

Depending on where the order is being sent, shipping times can vary from 1-24 business days. Most orders shipped within the UK will be received within 7 business days.

A bank transfer usually avoids any fuss with your credit card or bank card being blocked for suspicious activity.

Attitude always has a wide variety of promotions running so be sure to take a look before placing your order to ensure you get your money’s worth!