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marijuana seeds europe

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Before choosing your type, take a look at this information about Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Seeds. Amsterdam Seed Supply has the best Feminized, Autoflowering and Medical Marijuana seeds available in Amsterdam. Each marijuana seed has their own specifications and are grown for different purposes. Please read the specifications of each seed before placing your order at Amsterdam Seed Supply and start growing.

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We sell different Feminized seeds for Indoors and Outdoors. Click to see our Feminized Seeds

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Check out our list since it features the best seed banks in the US. Some customers even think that they are the best seed banks in the world since some of the brands on our list also offer worldwide shipping that caters to the needs of multiple countries.

7. Weed Seeds Express – Best Potential

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But aside from the wonderful website, the company is highly rated by its customers often praising them for the quality of their seeds, amazing shipping, and the free seeds they offer when you reach a certain amount on your purchases. And their shipping is no joke as the seed banks are able to ship to the US and the UK and do it quickly. They offer stealth and discreet shipping as well.

As for payment options, they are also very flexible as they allow debit cards, credit cards, a bank transfer, and even payments via Bitcoin. It’s one of the more reliable websites for buying cannabis seeds online.

1. Where do I get marijuana seeds if I live in the USA?

For more information, visit here

Check out their seeds at

#9 (EU Seed Bank) Neptune Seed Bank – Legitimate business works with top breeders

The EU is the growers’ paradise to buy cannabis seeds in any country. This market offers a variety of cannabis strains at the cheapest price and you’re sure to find something yourself.
In addition, customers outside of Europe can purchase cannabis seeds more easily than ever, as they have unlimited shipping to any other country. Besides you can pay with many different forms, they accept virtual money and many types of cards, credit.
Here is the list of EU seed banks we have compiled and you can refer to it.

Royal Queen Seeds offer a stealth packaging option as well when you order from their shop. Check them out here:

In case you are visiting Amsterdam or Barcelona, you may want to check out Royal Queen Seeds. One of the fastest-growing cannabis seed companies in Europe, Royal Queen Seeds offers their very own cannabis seeds after years of building up experience and reputation in the market. Assuring the high quality of their products, their seeds are grown organically and undergo regular quality tests to maintain high standards for their customers. Royal Queen Seeds offer a wide selection of marijuana, CBD, and cannabis with fairly low prices.