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Delhi Cheese Autoflowering may require a little longer than other autoflowering strains to deliver but on the other hand produces buds with a high CBD content. The Cheese part in her name is accounted for by her intense cheesy smell and taste and one of her birth parents – the Delhi obviously refers to her Indica dominance.

This genetic blend of Cheese, Critical Impact and Ruderalis produces a small plant of only about 50cm height, but each centimeter translates to at least one gram of dried buds. Outdoors the plants can reach a height of up to 2 meters. The strong odor should be taken into consideration when choosing a spot for cultivation.

Delhi Cheese Autoflowering may take a tad longer to mature but on the other hand produces buds with a high CBD content. The Cheese part in her name should be taken seriously, for she radiates a strong cheesy aroma – the Delhi is an allusion to her Indica dominance. Small plant of only about 50cm, but each centimeter translates to one gram of dried buds.

Delhi Cheese Autoflowering (Vision Seeds) feminized

The THC level of 12% may seem low, but it is the CBD that makes this weed so interesting for medical users. The THC helps with stress relief and against depression and the CBD takes care of the bodily defects such as pain and muscular tension.

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With a culture and history so deeply engrossed in cannabis culture, legalization is the logical next step in India’s future.

It would also allow for spiritualists and puritans to peruse their religious practices and continue to seek the spiritual freedom they desire. The legalization and decriminalization of weed would also allow for medicinal use, which would greatly benefit unwell patients and ease illness symptoms and side effects from treatment.

In Odisha, for example, weed is actually legal and its residents ordinarily use ‘chillums’ (glass pipes) to smoke weed inside the state’s territory. Odisha is the only exception to marijuana legality in India.

Growing Support for Cannabis Legalization in India

Let’s take a look at a few different aspects when growing marijuana seeds in India.

The “Bombay Prohibition (BP) Act”, 1949, forbids the production, ownership, and intake of bhang and bhang-containing substances without a legal license. Under the NDPS Act, the cultivation, possession, and distribution of cannabis flower and its resin are considered illegal. However, marijuana leaves and seeds are permitted and free to use publicly without any repercussions. Any individual in India caught possessing the illegal part of the cannabis plant will be subjected to the full extent of the law.

The Hash Plant feminized seed strain is renowned for its immense resin content.

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