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Let’s take a closer look at the cannabis laws in Vermont.

In 2018, Vermont became the first U.S state to legalise the use of marijuana through legislation as opposed to a ballot measure. The new legislation allows for the recreational consumption, possession and home cultivation of cannabis in the state.

Vermont Cannabis Law

However, despite their seemingly progressive approach to cannabis legality, the state has yet to move towards the booming commercialised market offered up by states like California and Nevada.

Still, the momentum for recreational sales continues to gather pace in Vermont, and local state officials remain confident a bill to establish an adult market for marijuana sales will still advance in 2020, despite the ongoing global pandemic. Support for the bill has bicameral backing with both sides still working to agree on the final wording of the bill to advance to the governor.

With over 90 years of prohibition to follow, Vermont switched track and became one of the first U.S states to legalise the use of medical marijuana in 2004 following state legislature with the decriminalisation of cannabis to follow in 2013.

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Congratulations, Burlington! In 2018, Vermont joined progressive states across the nation by legalizing recreational marijuana. This comes a full decade after medicinal marijuana was legalized in the Green Mountain State. Since recreational dispensaries aren’t open yet, you’ll have to grow your own marijuana plants; Vermont residents can grow up to 7 plants at a time, with two in the flowering stages. Pacific Seed Bank can help you get started! We carry over 100 strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds to choose from, so join the green scene and start growing today!

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The economy in Vermont has several components to it. You would think by the beautiful country scenery, dairy farming would be up there as an economic driver, however, it accounts for less than 2% of the economy. The largest bread and butter industry is real estate, leasing, and rentals, followed by durable goods. It was listed as the 34th in the country’s GDP, which is pretty good considering it is less populated than Alaska.

Ensure you follow the same laws for how many plants you can have at the maturation stage for indoor cultivation. It may be tempting to plant all your seeds simultaneously, but strategic planting will keep you within legal rights.

Cannabis Culture in Vermont: A Great Beginning

There is one huge benefit that will make you want to buy autoflowering seeds; they will save you time! Unlike most marijuana seeds, these strains do not need lighting changes to start the flowering stage. They do this by maturity. So why are not all strains like this? Because the autoflowering property comes from one specific strain called ruderalis. This strain evolved in harsher low-light environments where it developed this ability. The downside was that it lost most of its potency and is a low yielder. When you breed it with other strains, though, the autoflowering property is dominant. You will not have to set up expensive lighting systems to grow this variety and have them set on timers to produce flowers. This will save you time and money. There is a downside, but it is minimal. The original THC levels and yields of the plant will be smaller. If you are sold on these strains, then look at Autoflower Seeds Cheap.

There are many lakes to spend time in Vermont. 800 lakes can be found in this small state. The largest and most notable is Lake Champlain, stretching a whopping 106.87 miles long and 14.29 miles wide. Along its 587 miles of shoreline, there are many cities, parks, and historical sites to see. This lake alone would take a week to explore. This would include the city of Burlington, which is the central hub for this state, sporting the University of Vermont, and Champlain College, the UVM Medical Center, and the main airport Burlington International.

There is a United States wide law that allows for the purchase and possession of marijuana seeds as a novelty item as long as they are not germinated. As of 2020, Vermont took that law and expanded it to allow for the germination of seeds to allow the growth of a maximum of 2 plants at a time. This was a paramount bill that allowed the purchase of seeds to cultivate, process, and consume pot and opened the door for commercial growers. We at are a great place to Buy Wholesale Seeds from.