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If it has to happen that you have to refer me to as hideous or cautious, then be it! If you ask me, I will tell you for free that if there could have been a way to hide any of my details from my bank, then I would have gone that route. Could be we are on the same line.

So, what is this Bitcoin we are talking about? Probably you could be thinking that a Bitcoin is a form of a coin, but that’s not the case. As far as we know, a Bitcoin is not a coin but a form of digital currency that gets used anonymously to buy products over the web, send cash, and conduct different forms of trade such as buying currencies like Euros or USD.

How do Bitcoins get so effective?

We understand that you may another Crypto’s enthusiast. This means that if Bitcoin isn’t your bread and butter, then you will end up getting edged out. However, be happy that the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company not only accepts one to buy seeds with Bitcoins, but also using Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more as you will see as you checkout.

The process is quite straightforward. You will first need to create your Bitcoin wallet, which will eventually enable you to keep going in such a way that you will have initiated the process of getting your cannabis seeds Bitcoin.

Regardless of what strain you are interested in buying, you will save 10% when you pay seeds with Bitcoins. There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t seize this rare opportunity that we can’t really guess for how long it will be there.

If you’ve followed the steps above, you are ready to make a Bitcoin purchase at The Vault!

Bitcoin is a stealthy, secure cryptocurrency which has become incredibly popular among collectors who would prefer to keep their purchases as low-profile as possible.

DO NOT send bitcoins directly from an exchange to the invoice!

Buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin…

Step 3:

The correct procedure should be:

Step 2:

If you like the sound of saving extra money and keeping your seed purchasing as private as possible, Bitcoin could turn out to be the perfect fit for you.

Once you have set up an account and verified your details such as identity or bank account, you can look for the cryptocurrency of your choice from verified sources and buy a currency that you can use throughout the web, deep web and select physical outlets such as ours.

If you are interested in using a decentralized, peer-to-peer currency that does has no ties with the economy of any country and is private, here are some options that you might consider interesting when looking into getting a piece of revolutionary technology that will re-shape global economy as we know it.

Monero: Private and censorship-resistant transactions.

How can you get Cryptocurrencies?

With cryptocurrency, you can make online payments as easily as sending an email, with minimum transfer costs and within minutes!

Litecoin: An offshoot of Bitcoin that has quicker transactions & experiments with new tech

Although it seems complicated and better left to hackers and hardcore internauts, buying and using cryptocurrencies is free from risks, has similar if not higher finance-grade security for transactions, but is completely independent of banks or other financial institutions and is very easy to use.

You can start buying cryptocurrency now, not only the famous Bitcoin or Ethereum but also: