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marijuana seed taproot

If you just wait a little everything will have righted itself ? Here's that seedling 12 hours later…

When this happens the shell usually falls off on its own as the seedling grows!

As long as the tip of the root stays wet the seedling will be fine! The "root" is the same as what is going to become the stem. If it appears green it means that part of the root is already in "stem" mode and isn't sensitive to the light.

Is your cannabis seedling growing upside down? Has the tap root come above the soil?

Most of the Time Seedlings Take Care of Themselves!

This case isn't so bad because the root is already facing down, in the correct direction. Note: This seedling was just watered, but typically the Rapid Rooter should never look this wet. It should be moist but not shiny.

If you leave it alone, the seed will start to rise up, and open to reveal the seedling's cotyledons (first, round leaves)

I generally plant them as soon as I see a tap root. The seeds do not have much stored energy, so I would recommend getting them into your medium now.

How much are we *****ing with the genetics with a seed like a feminized autoflowering hybrid cross.

ok, i planted them in some rockwool today and the one with the white root is doing well, 1 of the brown rooted ones is lookin better, 1 unchanged, 1 had the brown root get slimy and fall off (takin it that 1 is deff dead), and the unopened 1 is still unopened. is there anything i can do to encourage it to open. (maybe read it stories or sing to it or something? lol)


I generally plant them as soon as I see a tap root. The seeds do not have much stored energy, so I would recommend getting them into your medium now.

How much are we *****ing with the genetics with a seed like a feminized autoflowering hybrid cross.

I got 5 fem ak47 auto x lowryder 2 seeds from the Doc this week and started germing them via paper towel method on heating pad on low, the other day. well, day 2 was uneventful, but morning of day 3(today), 3 of them had 1/4" tap root, 1 was just breaking, and the last nada. Well, it’s now the end of day 3, and i come home to check on my babies and this is what i find! 1 of them is fine, with stil it’s 1/4-3/8" tap root, the unopened seed is still unopened, and the other 3 have taproots that turned BROWN! Please tell me they didn’t kick the bucket! 🙁 I did EXACTLY what everyone on here says to do. They were germed at 90*, in a dark place. Here is a pic showing what they look like now.

after i planted them, i put them under a humidity dome about 5 inches away from a 40watt cfl. I just wanted to make sure this is the best way to encourage growth, being it’s the first time i ever have grown from seed.

The paper towel should never dry out once germination begins

Tim 2021-05-13
Hi, thanks for your contribution. Mandala Seeds give some helpful advice but they don’t have a monopoly on germination methods! In my 20 years germinating seeds I’ve tried all different methods and I’ve found good and bad in all of them. except for the methods using moist paper towels, I refuse to use it these days – I found that’s a great way to get mold problems and a really bad start to the plant’s life! That definitely is far too much humidity. as for ambient humidity, we don’t specify anything in this post. What we do say is that the medium in which the seeds are germinating should be at about 70% humidity for the best results. There’s nothing wrong with using a humidity dome or mini greenhouse, as long as you know when to start ventilating. of course if it’s kept sealed all the time then problems are bound to arise! These days I start all mine in a glass of water with a few drops of H202 and then once the seeds open (usually 24 hours) they get transferred to the substrate. As for the point down/point up debate, I think I’ll need to do a side-by-side comparison to settle this in my own mind. I’ve always planted them point downwards or on their side and I’ve yet to see any weird stuff like roots popping out of the surface, or doing a loop-the-loop before the seedling breaks the surface. But it’s clear that the debate needs to be settled so I’ll do an experiment and I’ll be happy to be proved wrong! EDIT: I’ve since germinated over 100 seeds as a test, 1/3 of them went in the soil with the point downwards, 1/3 sideways, and 1/3 with the point upwards. Most of the seedlings broke the surface at around the same time but it’s clear to see that the ones that I’m still waiting for are mostly those that went in with the point upwards. The next step has to be a test in a terrarium so I can actually see what’s going on but I’m almost ready to call complete BS on this “point upwards” theory, FWIW. Thanks again for your comment, all the best!

Leaving seeds to germinate for too long

Too often the seed is buried too deep (a problem that we have already seen in case of watering after planting the seed), so the seedling may never emerge. In the other case, if we sow too close to the surface, we can find that the seed germinates well but the stem grows weak, bending and not allowing the seedling to develop correctly.

For this reason, it is advisable to check every day to make sure the germination medium remains moist, especially if a heat source is used to achieve a higher temperature and therefore a better germination rate; the heat will cause the substrate to dry more quickly, something that must be kept in mind to avoid nasty surprises. In case of hydroponic cultivation it is always better to germinate in rock wool cubes, which of course must always remain moist.

This is a common mistake that usually results in non-germination, especially if the substrate hasn’t been previously watered before sowing the seed but is watered afterwards. By planting the seed directly in the substrate, we run the risk of it being buried too deep, made worse when we irrigate the growing medium post-sowing.