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marijuana seed banks that ship to us

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Seed orders shipped to the United States will come with discreet or stealthy packaging options. They will both ensure your order can safely pass through customs and arrive at your order address. However, you will need a signature when receiving the goods.

Seedsman distributes their seeds globally, and they ship their seeds to the US very quickly and safely. This seed bank has decades of experience with cannabis seed distribution, they also have a good reputation so you can trade with them online with peace of mind.

#10 Attitude Seed Bank – Largest Hemp Seed Bank

This online seed bank owns a diverse and quality seed collection. Whether you are a beginner grower, a highly technical grower, or a grower looking for high yielding strains, you can find something for you at Crop King Seeds.

MSNL is a popular online seed bank not only in Europe but also in North America. Many American growers have placed their trust in MSNL seed bank and have achieved remarkable crops.

Seedsman seeds bank is also very interested in the customer experience. They have built a website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has a clean layout. Customers can easily find their favorite cannabis strains and no strains are left behind. They have also built a team of knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions for customers.

The seeds of the Gorilla are quite good quality and carefully selected. The selling price of seeds in this seed bank is also not expensive compared to the quality. The more you buy, the cheaper the price.

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Not Quebec Cannabis Seeds only has fifty of the world’s best strains of marijuana seeds, but you can find 50 exclusive species of the world’s largest cannabis seeds, including auto-flowering, regular, and feminized marijuana seeds.

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In the company, the experts develop marijuana seeds to obtain a germination percentage higher than 90%, and they go through exhaustive tests with manual tests, along with quality control elements.

There are some key exceptions to the legality of cannabis seeds in the United States. Specifically, you can legally buy or own seeds to use as bait for fish or birdseed. The caveat here is that the seeds that fit this description generally tend to be commercial hemp seeds with fairly low percentages of THC. In other words, you can’t use the seeds to grow plants that will give you the high associated with cannabis.

A: When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, making sure you get the best possible genetics is essential if you want to get the most out of your plant. A great way to make sure of this is to look at the reputation of the seed bank you are buying from because if anything is an indication of quality, it will satisfy customers. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the 10 best selling seed banks here chosen by growers for growers.

Some companies like ILGM and MJ Seeds Canada will replace the seeds at no extra cost, even if customs confiscate them. However, other companies will not, and they expect you to read the fine print before calling customer support and complaining about policies they cannot change.

Seed City is all about the green, judging from its very green website, but not “green” in the sense of a new company. The company actually dates back to 2010, which is a fairly reliable profile. The company takes pride in shipping seeds from the best breeders worldwide to individual growers, still wrapped in the original packaging.

We are a team of marijuana/CBD/delta8 researchers who also know a thing or two about growing outdoor marijuana in Oregon, the U.S. Utopia of cannabis!

What Happens if the Weed Seeds Get Confiscated?

There’s plenty to like here, but Seedsman wins the category for an extensive selection.

Growing your own cannabis plants is a fun and practical experience you ought to try at least once. You may discover that you like it…and that it saves a lot of money on buying cannabis seeds online the usual way.

Crop King Seeds offers seeds for beginners and experienced growers, from auto-flowering to feminized, as well as fast growers, regular, and CBD variety. You can also buy mix and match or go for the top-sellers in the country. Crop Kings gets bonus points for its 80 percent germination success rate, as well as discreet packaging and free shipping over $200.

Attitude Seed advertises itself as the largest online cannabis store, and it is a nice play to mix and match seeds, buy popular brands, and get some handy deals like “UFO discounts,” meaning you get loads of free cannabis seeds if you spend a moderate amount of change.