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marijuana false seed pods

Question #3 :
Also if that is the case should I harvest this whole plant now and get it the hell out of there before that happens?

I’m am close to harvesting some plants. This plant has been flowering for 7 weeks. Its a bag seed. This is my first grow and I am close to harvesting for the first time. I am planning on harvesting buds at different stages of trichomes early middle and late. But anyways I was just about to pick some buds off this plant and I noticed that many of the buds that are lower down on the plant have what appear to look like seeds.

Question #1 :
Are these seeds I am seeing or are these what are commonly referred to as “False seed pods swelling with THC resin”??

Question #2 :
I have two other plants next to this one. I don’t see any similar signs on the other two. If these are seeds which I am seeing is there a danger of them pollinating my other plants and thus producing seeds on my other plants?

Here are the pics:

As I said this is my first grow. I must say how helpful and informative this website and its contributors have been whether from the vast amounts of information in the grow guides, or from the forums where I always get answers to whatever questions I have. I received great advice from everyone through out my entire grow whenever I had a question or a concern about my plants. Thank you very much !

Resin glands synthesize and hold the cannabinoids and terpenes and are of three types: bulbous, capitate-sessile, and capitate-stalked.

The bracts have the densest covering of capitate-stalked resin glands of any plant part, and it is within the heads of these resin glands that the plant synthesizes and holds the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes of any plant part. Bracts make up most of the substance and weight of high-quality marijuana buds.

Each female flower has a single ovule, which is encapsulated by bracteoles and bracts. The bracts and bracteoles are small, modified leaves that enclose and protect the seed in what some growers refer to as the seed pod.

In the cannabis industry, the general terms—bud, cola, nug— are easy enough and universally accepted, but when discussing specific plant parts with botanical terms, confusion reigns.

Cannabis flowers are not brightly colored, large, or enticingly fragrant (at least to most non-humans); marijuana plants are wind-pollinated with no need to attract insects or animals to carry the males’ pollen, hence these plant parts never evolved into significant, attractive, or showy parts.

The other two non-glandular trichomes are visible with magnification. These smaller cystolith hairs with warty bumps and teardrop-shaped trichomes are found mainly on the underside of leaves. The larger cystolith hairs provide defense against insects and likely make the plant less palatable to animals. Cystolith hairs also reflect radiation, reduce water loss, and ameliorate near-surface temperatures.

Capitate-stalked glands are the largest, are the main source of cannabinoid accumulation, and are plainly visible on female flowers. While almost all cells in a cannabis plant are capable of producing minute amounts of cannabinoids, capitate-stalked glands contain at least 50% of the total cannabinoids in a plant. Since female flowers (buds) are the main smokeable product, and buds are the main locus of capitate-stalked glands, these glands are our main source of cannabinoids and terpenes.

I think you might be talking about the calyx, which is the main part of the female flower. When ripe, the calyx will swell up, and look as if a seed is growing inside. That is actually a good indicator of bud ripeness.

I understand its a false pregnantcy, or thats what ive read.
my question is why and how to prevent it.
thanks for any help


I can’t really find any good info on this question.
Ive have it happen to me and I wasnt happy,like most noobs I thought it went hermie.

Its not actually a false seed pod per say.
Its an old term for a swollen calyx/pod that is so swollen that it appears to contain a seed but does not actually contain anything except resin.

my question is why does some plants show false seed pods and others plants grow to what I think is normal looking buds.
how to prevent?