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male autoflower

I got some seeds from a friend who said they were feminized, I planted two of the seeds and they are in veg for about 2 weeks and there was no flowers yesterday, but I walk in today and one of the two has produced pollen sack and it seemed as if one opened and fell of. Im not sure whats going. Is it an autflower or it is somehthign else going the other seedling that I planted has no sign of any sex yet.

Also they are in a my veg room? can vegging plants be pollinated what steps should I take to make sure I no seeds in my garden?

This myth isn’t entirely true and depends a lot on the individual strain you’re growing.

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However, just because a strain is ruderalis-dominant, that doesn’t mean it is naturally going to have a CBD-dominant cannabinoid profile. Thanks to advanced breeding techniques, breeders are now able to create strains, that are ruderalis-dominant, yet still contain higher levels of THC than CBD.


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However, letting your plants get rootbound can be just as detrimental to their growth. So, if you have an autoflowering plant sitting in a small container, that you think might get rootbound, don’t hesitate about transplanting it.

Anti-Anxiety Also found in lavander

The only sure way to determine sex before your plants reach maturity is to c lone the plant. T his could be achieved by taking a clone from any plant.

If you are not working on a breeding project and your goal is to grow as many female plants as possible, then using feminized seeds or clones is the most practical route to take.

It is much easier to spot a female preflower, as you are only looking for a thin, hair shaped pistil. When these emerge from between the internodes, they will look like a white eyelash or a tiny blade of grass.

4. Using Feminized Seeds or Clones

• This will guarantee that the plants you produce will be 100% female, meaning that prior to flowering, there is no requirement to pull plants out of the grow room. This eliminates any waste of space, nutrients, and growing medium.

• Large scale Sea of Green operations can be set up, without the need to worry about any male plants. This means the crop will not be cross-contaminated with pollen and become seeded and commercial useless.

Some cultivars may produce pre-flowers faster than others, however, all plants will reveal themselves around the same time. There is absolutely no need to worry about identifying male plants early on, as they will not be able to produce pollen until a much later time.

• Working with clones is an excellent way to grow something that has already been verified. Usually, highly desirable clones can be vouched for by another grower or will have lots of information to research online.