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Lovepot officially launched in Las Vegas on September 18th, and rolled out Los Angeles fresh delivery one month later. Fresh flower bouquets are only available for delivery in those two cities for now, but dried arrangements can be shipped nationwide. Smokable hemp buds included in all. And there’s much more to come. As Iny puts it, “Lovepot hasn’t even began to scratch the surface of using and sending pot in loving ways.”

“No one had ever requested this of them,” explains Iny. “Most licensed hemp growers are growing with the intention to create biomass (for oil or cosmetics) or industrial hemp products. We needed to find someone who was not only growing beautiful, boutique, licensed, smokable CBD flower, but we needed it to pass testing.”

More than a consistent style of arrangement or flower variety, the creation and the consumption are what make a Lovepot bouquet. Through the partnerships with farms, florists and designers, Iny hopes to spotlight other women doing interesting, meaningful things in the cannabis space. Customers can customize colors and themes to fit a particular occasion, and so far, they seem enthusiastic about this new way to send love and calm from afar.

She put the notion on the backburner, and kept working with different brands on different projects. When the pandemic started in early 2020, Iny moved back to Las Vegas to be with family. It was there, during a particular smoke sesh, that she experienced an entrepreneurial epiphany.

Rather, the idea of Lovepot crystallized. Iny still had the hardest part in front of her: figuring out how to get high-quality hemp shipped and assembled with the rest of the flowers in a way that would keep it both pretty and smokeworthy. When she first started reaching out to growers, they couldn’t understand why she wanted fresh, hand-trimmed hemp.

When California legalized cannabis in 2016, Lovepot founder Cevon Lee Iny left her luxury fashion gig for the cannabis industry, consulting and working on multiple creative projects in the space. Pretty much from the get-go, Iny had bud bouquets on the brain.

“I always had a deep, loving relationship with cannabis,” says Iny. “I found that many of the amazing women I worked with did too, but I felt like the cannabis space and the branding around it is so masculine by nature. There was a lack of polish on both the consumer and professional side of the industry. I had always wanted to showcase the beauty of cannabis flower in a new way, I just never knew how to make the concept viable and legal.”

Melting Pot experts have additional tips for planning the perfect Valentine’s Fondue Celebration:

Here’s to celebrating love in all its forms!

See what your local Melting Pot has planned for you!

Celebrate your love for fondue – and your favorite people.

At the Melting Pot, we know the importance of celebrating love, which is why we’ve offered our guests these tips to create a memorable night. Whether you are beginning a new relationship, commemorating a lifetime of love, or simply celebrating a friendship or favorite family member, make a reservation at your nearest location and leave the rest to us.

This Valentine’s, fondue what you want! Enjoy a romantic evening connecting with your favorite person over fondue. Or invite your Galentines, your besties, your family or “basically-family” to a unique night out with decadent, handcrafted fondue and lasting memories. Because at the end of the day, Valentine’s is simply about expressing our love for the people that matter most.

Our restaurants create specialized menus and packages for this season of love. Join us on Valentine’s Day and throughout the month of February. We’re always celebrating love in all its forms. But make a reservation soon because our tables for Valentine’s are booked up quickly.

Because guest and team member safety is of the utmost importance to us, reservations are recommended, and in many cases required for this event to adhere to local capacity limits. Check your local restaurant for availability and reserve your spot today.

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I Love My Cat Flower Pot WIth Saucer Decorated Cat Flower. I totally made this six inch SnipPot for people who love cats. On one side of the pot, in large, brilliant letters, it says, “I Love My Cat” and has colorful hearts around the words. The other side says, “My Cat I Love,” also with hearts among the letters. And everywhere else on the pot are little.

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