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king of pot seeds

Recently, we had a tradeshow event where we set out to prove how much our customers mean to us. Each of our customers were invited to have their pictures taken, complete with throne and crown to prove how much they mean to us. Because we sell a unique product worldwide and are looking to become the largest dealer of medical cannabis seeds, our products have to be the best. We’ve been in this business for more than 20 years and our loyal customers are the primary reason why. By purchasing our award winning seeds that include feminized, autoflowering and medicinal, we can offer them high quality products at the best prices worldwide. When searching the web for high quality cannabis seeds, look no further than Royal Queen Seeds.

Exceptional Care and Results for our Customers Our unique blends of feminized, autoflowering, and medical seeds are developed for optimal harvest and ease of growth. From the novice to the expert, our seeds can assist you in obtaining the maximum harvest possible in the shortest amount of time. The beauty of the feminized seeds is that when the plants yield their harvests, the seeds can be reused. This allows for optimum production and ease of growth. Our plants are hearty and sturdy and have higher yields both indoors and outdoors. Germinating strength is essential to these plants; therefore, we test all of our seeds to ensure they are indeed the best. We also take special care to ensure that our seeds are genetically pure and hand-picked. Our customers require it and we demand nothing less from ourselves. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have what they need when they need it. We sell only the most powerful qualities that provide pleasant flavours to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers have special needs even our recreational ones and we desire to provide them with the best products on the market. We make sure that we have the choices they desire and the quantities also. Because Royal Queen Seeds takes this special care not only with our seeds but in the way they are vacuum packed and shipped in highly resistant packages, our customers keep coming back again because of the quality we provide them and that’s why we consider them the Kings of Cannabis!

Our large collection of feminized marijuana seeds is always available for orders 24/7. You need feminized marijuana seeds if you are looking for

Some marijuana strains contain more CBD than others, making them more therapeutic than other strains. You may also find strains with balanced CBD and THC. This balanced strain will let you enjoy the recreational high from THC and still get the therapeutic relief you need from cannabis.

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Note: Some of our customers especially outside of Canada might not get our original packaging for security reasons. We do this so your order will get to you without issues. Rest assured that you will get your seeds inside a discreet packaging to make sure that your seeds are fresh.

Just check our collection of weed seeds! We have all the types of marijuana seeds you’ve been searching for. You’ll find Autoflower Marijuana Seeds, CBD Medical Seeds, Dwarf Auto-Feminized Seeds, Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Regular Marijuana Seeds, and our special Mix and Match Seeds. Order one, two, or more to get started on germinating the best seeds soon.

CBD medical seeds will help you grow your own supply of medicinal cannabis at home if you live in a country or state where cannabis growing is regulated or prohibited. But if you’re using cannabis as medicine for the first time, we urge you to get medical help. Consult your doctor and find out medical marijuana is right for you.

This lack of stretch makes this Kush very easy to grow in any space, from a small indoor grow tent to an outdoor garden where the King Kush will become a massive Kush producing monster.

This strain does not stretch during flowering like most other strains so you need to grow these to the size you want them to be before flowering, which is usually about a week longer then other Indica strains during our many tests.

The genetics used to make seedism’s King Kush are classic strains that have been kept alive for more then 30 years by the dedicated members of our collective, especially our newest member “ the Librarian ” who has kept many of the (genetically important) oldest Cannabis genetics alive for a multitude of seed companies.

Genetics Breakdown of the King Kush

Hindukush | Landrace pure Indica selected from 1000’s of plants in the 1970’s and the first original Kush used for breeding, this clone is the mother of all Hindukush hybrids known today.

Pot of Gold | The legendary Kush x Skunk (The Pure) from the Flying Dutchmen seed company, a true F1 hybrid, we have kept this selected clone alive since we found it outperforming all other POG seeds in the Cannabis College garden.

Flowering time is around 10 weeks