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is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in ohio

In this article, we take a closer look at the existing marijuana laws in the 7th most populated U.S state.

So, what is the current status regarding cannabis in the state of Ohio?

Ohio Cannabis Law

While Ohio became the 6th U.S state to decriminalise cannabis in 1975, the state has still yet to adopt a fully legalised cannabis market for both medical and recreational users despite the legalisation of medical marijuana in 2016.

At present, cannabis remains illegal for recreational use in Ohio; however, the state has taken a largely relaxed approach to cannabis crimes, eliminating heavy penalties for possession and consumption of small quantities of marijuana. Indeed, since 1975, the possession of up to 100 grams of cannabis in Ohio has been decriminalised, transforming the state’s approach to the punishment of cannabis-related crimes,

While a recreational market remains sadly absent with the most recent initiative to formally legalise recreational cannabis failing in 2014, the medical use of cannabis was first legalised in 2016 with the first sales occurring in 2019.

In general, the purchase of cannabis seeds as a collector’s item or for other purposes than breeding is considered legal. However, the legislation on cannabis is often very confusing. Many countries tolerate the use, possession and cultivation of small quantities, other countries have a total ban while more and more countries are legalizing cannabis or working on it. However, cannabis seeds are a separate story in this discussion.

In addition, rules concerning home growth vary from province to province. For example in B.C, plants may not be visible to the public and in New Brunswick the plants must be in a confined space.

Different rules per country

Possession of 200-1, 00 grams is a fifth degree felony punishable by a prison sentence of 6-12 months and a maximum fine of 2, 00.Seeds are part of the marijusna plant like the leaves. If you have leaves, stems or seeds your guilty of possesion. In some states rolling papers or.8 of the Ohio Revised Code Section. If the offense occurred within 1, 00 feet of a school orfeet of a minor, the offense is a felony in the third degree punishable by a fine no greater. See: Ohio Revised Code, 14(2) Ohio Revised Code, 18 Ohio Revised Code, 14 Paraphernalia Possession of marijuana paraphernalia in a minor misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum fine of 150, possible. Question by : Are cannabis seeds illegal in Ohio? Need to know Best answer: Answer by AwesomeNope. Marijuana is illegal in Ohio.

In New Zealand cannabis seeds are illegal and you can’t buy them in dispensaries. Therefore, most new Zealanders are buying cannabis seeds online.

In France, weed seeds are legal as long as they are not used for the cultivation of a cannabis plant but residents in France can’t buy cannabis seeds in head shops. They have to buy the seeds online.

Although classified as decriminalized, you cannot legally buy marijuana seeds in Ohio at this time, the laws, however, are changing and if amendments are introduced, you may be able to buy medical marijuana from one of the proposed state licensed dispensaries in the near future. Until these laws are changed or amended, caught in possession or cultivating up to one hundred grams of marijuana will result in a $150 fine, with larger amount leading to a possible jail sentence, especially if you have been caught in the past.

Buying the right seeds is just as important as selecting the right strains. Typically, marijuana seeds are available in three distinctly different formats, and buying the right seeds will increase your chances of a successful and rewarding harvest, combining the flavor, aroma and high you desire. Regular marijuana seeds are often considered more natural, having the ability to create either a male or female plant. While a male is great for breeding with, and a female plant grown from regular seeds may be better for cloning, many growers only wish to produce buds and cola’s, so buy feminized marijuana seeds to ensure 100% pure female plants. Autoflowering seeds are also feminized, but unlike both regular and feminized strains, require no set hours of darkness to induce flowering. Very quick to grow and mature, requiring approximately ten weeks from germination to harvest, they are perfect for both novice and ‘guerrilla’ growers looking for a fast, but potent Summer-time harvest.

Buy Indoor Marijuana Seeds

The marijuana laws in Ohio do not differentiate between growing and possessing, and by keeping your activities small, and only cultivating a few selected plants, it’s possible to maintain an abundant supply of high quality buds, without going over the one hundred gram limit, reducing any punishments to a minimum. Staggered harvests from a few plants works best, keeping the weight of the buds growing, and in your possession to a minimum. As your stocks reduce, your plant’s weight is increasing, maintaining a level weight under 100 grams.

Although legally growing marijuana indoors in Ohio isn’t permitted, it is decriminalized, and remaining under the 100 gram limit will result in no more than a fine. Most growers cultivate one or two high quality seeds at a time, keeping a couple in their vegetative state for later flowering. Feminized seeds are the preferred choice, guaranteeing pure female plants and seedless buds. Plants should be sent to flower quickly and allowed approximately eight to ten weeks to fully mature, depending upon the genetics and characteristics of each individual seed.

Choosing the best seeds for your needs, environment and level of experience is an important part in buying marijuana seeds online, and while it may be appealing to grow certain strains, some are better suited to certain types of growing conditions or increased levels of experience and care. Most people agree that indoor grown buds are usually more potent, fragrant and aromatic than their outdoor grown equivalents. Maintaining a good environment is important in growing premium quality marijuana, and while many seeds grow well outdoors, indoor grown plants often yield superior buds. They do not always produce the biggest harvests however, with many strains requiring a full season to grow, flower and completely mature, outdoor grown marijuana seeds usually return much larger, heavier harvests, especially if they are allowed enough time to fully mature.