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is high supplies legit

Been waiting 80 business days on seed order. Responded to company after 40 business days and said "no seeds", so they claimed they sent another batch. That was over 40 business days ago. Now they say Customs may have intercepted them, and when they send you a letter , send us a copy and we’ll resend "again". So I’ve received no seeds or anything from Customs in over 80 business days, so exactly how long am I supposed to wait? In simpler terms, this company is a mess, and will I never buy from them again. Read reviews on Trust Pilot reviews before you buy from these theives. If you’re still considering them after you read the reviews, get your head examined

Ich habe am 08.04.2021 mit RNr. 245835 bestellt. Mehrfach nachgefragt, angeblich ist es auch an meine Adresse verschickt worden. Es kam aber (heute 09.05.2021) nichts an. Kommunikation katastrophal.
€ 60,- verloren. Nie wieder, Finger weg.

Germination rate was a paltry 40%. Makes their seeds very expensive.

guest United States, November 2020

All seeds that came was immature. None of the seeds germinated. I totaly got ripped off.

Like the other reviews have stated, do not order from high supplies they are not reputable, stand by their product, or have good customer service.

My first order never arrived.
Repeated messages to customer support and all I received were delay tactics. One response said wait 30 business days, the next said give it a few more weeks due to covid international shipping delays.
After that, they resent my order and 2 of the 5 seeds were crushed due to their shitty packing. When sending them a message they replied we will get you back on your next order but you should still receive your first order that never arrived.

Seeds never arrived. HS agreed to resend after suggesting I was now getting two orders for price of one. Two months later, no purchased order yet. Another text went out requesting tracking info. HS responded they do not track their packages, and if I didn’t get a confiscated notice from postal service I MUST have received pkg. Signed best regards. Don’t waist your $

Article 8. Warranty

Article 9. Refunds
We will refund the cost of returned goods. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

2. Shipping terms
2.1 Lost packages:
Regarding your order(s,1), we are not responsible for any lost packages by the mail service.
We send our orders by priority mail. There is always a risk of loss and you should be aware of this before ordering.
We offer stealth delivery by priority mail and we trust delivery will be made on the same conditions. will not accept any responsibility for loss in this respect.

You have the obligation to determine whether the delivered products meet the agreement. If this is not the case, you should inform as soon as possible (at least within fourteen (14) days after delivery), in writing and/or by email.
7.1 If it is established that the products do not meet the agreement, can either choose to replace the products and/or refund the invoice value.
7.2 If you have a product for any reason you do not wish to take, the customer has the right to return the product(s) within seven (14) working days after delivery date. Returns are only accepted if the packaging of the product is undamaged. It also applies that the costs for returns are at the customers expense.

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I was thinking about buying from but I don’t know if it is a legitamate site has anyone bought from there they have some PPP on sale for a good price so I was wondering.

sounds shady to me, nobody gets my personal banking info
many people use for growing supplies
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asked in online shopping thread 2 since this is so old.

sorry but not understanding your post, are you looking for a referral?
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heard you need to be referred to b able to buy. know what that’s about? don’t want to give my bank account info.