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Read the legal status of cannabidiol derived from hemp and marijuana and talk about CBD legality in Virginia. Are you looking to buy CBD legally in Virginia? Here, we’ll explain all the relevant laws and show you how and where to buy high-quality CBD in Virginia.

Is CBD Legal in Virginia – CBD Legality Guide for VA

Hemp and marijuana are always in debate for the policymakers when the legalization of hemp is in question. CBD laws have been devised at different levels of government guiding the production, manufacturing, and use of CBD and medical marijuana products. In the United States, the federal has legalized hemp and also different states have made regulations for cannabis.

In Virginia State, the CBD laws apply to the products which are used and cultivated within Virginia. Using CBD for human consumption including food and beverages is banned along with such items sale. The reason behind this is that the FDA has not regulated and permitted to use of CBD as a food additive

Today in this article we will discuss the legal status of cannabidiol derived from hemp and marijuana and talk about CBD legality in VA.

The Legal Status of CBD in Virginia

Medical Marijuana Laws

CBD is legal in Virginia for patients who have a qualifying condition. The marijuana laws in Virginia have included provisions from the US first medical marijuana law in 1979 stating that individuals will not be guilty of possessing marijuana for a condition of glaucoma or chemotherapy side effects for which they had the doctor’s prescription. In Virginia, doctors cannot legally issue marijuana prescriptions because FDA relates prescribing to the regulated substances.

In 2015, Virginia allowed patients of epilepsy for the procession of CBD oil but for that, a medical certificate is required and the patient must be registered with the Board of pharmacy to get protected from prosecutions.

In the year 2016, the general assembly in Virginia asked the Board of pharmacy to make regulatory models for medical cannabis.

In 2017 a bill was passed from the Virginia General assembly for the cultivation, dispensing, and use of cannabis for patients with intractable epilepsy.

In 2018, the law was signed that allows doctors to decide whether a patient needs cannabis or not.

In 2019 legislation was passed for permitting nurses and assistants for writing medical certificates for use of cannabis.

The general assembly also permitted that medical marijuana can be formulated in various products, not just in CBD oil.

Hemp Laws

Virginia is not CBD friendly state but it is working to get hemp to relax rule state. The local state governments are opening the door for the stakeholders who want to have a business in cannabis but still, they have to face a lot of limitations. With Farm Bill 2018, people are given confidence especially the buyers. Even if the local government is strict in rules then cannabis online availability for the purchase of hemp makes products available to everyone in the US.

In 2015 SB 955 bill was passed making CBD legal in Virginia especially the cultivation of commercial industrial hemp. This bill authorizes the growers of hemp to be included in the greater education organization research system.

In 2019 Virginia passed a state version of Farm bill 2018 that legalized hemp which allows cannabis containing less than 0.3% of THC. Neither the Virginia law nor the federal law about CBD is following the regulations of FDA for CBD to be used in food, beverages, and dietary supplements. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are still waiting for the release of FDA guidance about the CBD used for human consumption.

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What CBD Products are Legal in Virginia?

According to Virginia law, hemp products are the finished products that are derived from industrial hemp. CBD is legal in VA but only registered hemp growers and processors are allowed to deal with hemp. A smoke-able form of CBD is illegal but its extract can be incorporated into various forms of products. FDA has not permitted the addition of CBD into food products and makes it illegal as a food additive.

Smoking Marijuana in Public

In Virginia, it is prohibited to smoke marijuana in public. Virginia is very strictly monitoring the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The use of marijuana for recreational use is prohibited in the state. And as hemp and marijuana look and smell like the same that’s why enforcement agencies law has banned its use in public for the safety of people and also helps them to avoid prosecutions against CBD possession

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Where to Buy CBD in Virginia in 2022

However, you can easily order CBD online and have it at your door within a few business days.

Before you place an order, let’s review the laws regarding cannabis products in Virginia.

1. All Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids Legal | Marijuana Medical Use Only

Table of Contents

Where To Buy CBD Oil in Virginia:

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Is CBD Legal in Virginia in 2022?

CBD is legal in Virginia, and with its new laws, you can buy marijuana or hemp-derived products.

The laws change depending on which plant your product comes from.

Marijuana-derived CBD contains THC, which is the chemical that gets you high. These products are illegal federally and in all states that haven’t legalized the plant.

Hemp CBD generally has a THC content of less than 0.3%, which means you can benefit from all the health benefits of CBD without getting high.

The Federal Government removed industrial hemp from the list of Controlled Substances with the 2018 Agriculture Act.

Despite CBD being widely available across the state of Virginia, you need to know how to protect yourself from companies selling fake or dangerous products.

Tips for Safely Buying CBD

Because cannabis products, in general, are mostly unregulated, it’s imperative you find a reputable company. The following list serves as a guideline for what to look for.

1. Avoid Companies Making Unsubstantiated Health Claims

CBD helps manage a variety of symptoms, but it won’t cure diseases. But if a company is trying to sell you CBD by saying it’s a miracle drug, it’s probably a scam.

2. Look For Evidence of Third-Party Testing

Any reputable company should be able to provide third-party lab reports that state that its products are free from harmful chemicals (such as pesticides and solvents) and that the CBD content in the product matches what is advertised.

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3. Double-check the THC content

This is more about protecting yourself from the law than it is about finding high-quality products. This is less of an issue now that marijuana is legal, but you’re still only allowed to possess a certain amount.

4. Opt For Full-Spectrum Products

There are different kinds of CBD oils. CBD isolates mean that there is nothing but CBD in the oil. This type of CBD misses out on valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Full-spectrum products contain all of the compounds, allowing you to get the most out of CBD.

Buying CBD Products Online In Virginia

Making your purchase online with a trustworthy vendor is almost always the best way to find high-quality CBD in Virginia. If you go online for your CBD needs, you’ll save valuable time and money.

Online shops have better products for less money. By cutting out the physical store, the supplier is able to offer discounts that you won’t find locally. Often, this can include bulk purchase options or package deals.

There’s a huge variety of CBD products found online. Some creative and entrepreneurial people have put CBD into just about anything you can think of. Right now, you can find CBD in tinctures, waxes, creams, lotions, vape juice, and even treats for your pets.

When you shop online, you’re buying from specialists. Usually, online shops sell one thing and one thing only: CBD. When you buy online, you can be confident that you’re getting it from a source that knows its product. You should be able to find the answers to your questions and the right product for your needs.

Is Marijuana Legal In Virginia in 2022?

Yes, marijuana is fully legal in Virginia.

In 2021, Virginia became the first Southern state to legalize recreational marijuana through SB 1406. This gives adults over 21 the right to have up to an ounce and cultivate four plants. However, this law is subject to reenactment by the 2022 Session of the General Assembly.

It’s important to note that due to separate provisions in the law, commercial production and retail sale of marijuana are not in effect until 2024.

Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Virginia has had a marijuana medical program for a long time but only recently expanded it enough to be useful. In 2021, HB 2218 makes other marijuana products legal, besides the oil.

You can have up to four ounces in thirty days and grow four plants if you qualify.

In order to qualify, you must have any diagnosed condition or disease determined by the practitioner to benefit from such use.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Virginia

Although Virginia doesn’t really have a medical marijuana program, the state has allowed access to some types of marijuana for patients with severe medical conditions.

Virginia was one of the first states to introduce laws that allowed cancer and glaucoma patients to access marijuana to manage their symptoms. The legislation was introduced in 1979, but it was never really put to any use.

Under Senate Bill 726, people with intractable epilepsy can access limited THC CBD products and THC-A products. In 2017, Virginia approved five vertically integrated cannabis providers. These providers handle everything from the growing of medical marijuana to dispensing the products.

In March 2018, Governor Ralph Northam approved House Bill 1251, which provides a legal defense for those who are arrested for possession but have a doctor’s approval to use CBD and THC-A products.

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Note: This bill doesn’t prevent you from getting arrested if you have a doctor’s recommendation. It only gives you a proper defense in court.

Under this bill, your CBD must contain a minimum of 15% CBD and no more than 5% THC.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Virginia in 2022?

Delta 8 THC is legal in Virginia.

Delta 8 THC is a popular replacement for marijuana, partly because of its legal status. It’s molecularly similar to delta 9 (THC) but milder and legal in most states, though it falls into a gray area most of the time. However, some states moved fast to outlaw it.

Why is it so great?

Cannabinoids like delta 8, THC, and CBD can positively impact our health. Delta 8 has few side effects, while THC can cause paranoia and anxiety along with the intense high. It’s also legal federally due to the Farm Bill that legalized hemp and its derivatives.

It’s still psychoactive, meaning it will make you high, but it’s more mellow than THC. Many people use it for relaxing, though it carries many of the same benefits as marijuana, including pain and nausea relief.

How to Buy Delta 8 in Virginia

Just like with CBD, you need to be careful when buying it. Delta 8 is unregulated, and there are a lot of companies trying to bank on its popularity.

Always check for third-party tests and read online reviews. This can help you determine how trustworthy the vendor is.

There are plenty of online vendors that have potent delta 8 and a great selection of products. You’re not stuck with just tinctures — you can find delta 8 flower, edibles, and concentrates.

If you’re wondering where to start, check out one of the following companies. They’re known for high-quality delta 8 and will have what you want:

Recommended CBD Retailers in Virginia

With legal marijuana, you can now buy CBD at dispensaries. These are the best way to buy CBD locally, but they’ll also be more expensive and you won’t have as much of a selection.

If you don’t have a dispensary near you, check out one of the following stores instead, or head online for the best prices.

Virginia Beach




All of these stores should have helpful employees who can help you find a reliable source of CBD locally. Until marijuana laws make progress in Virginia, vape stores are your best bet for finding CBD products locally.

Final Notes on Buying CBD & Delta 8 THC in Virginia

Virginia is now a great place to find CBD and delta 8 products. With new legislation allowing marijuana for recreational use, and no laws banning delta 8, you have an endless selection to choose from, especially if you buy online.

Local places will have these products, too, but you’ll probably end up paying more. Plus, you have access to vendors from around the country when you shop online (not to mention the convenience of it).

If you want to place an order today, go online. This is the best way to get high-quality CBD and delta 8 sent straight to your door in Virginia.

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