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This helps potential customers find feedback and advice from people who’ve previously grown the same seeds they want to plant quickly and easily. Plus, ILGM provides images of all their strains, which includes pictures from growers who’ve purchased and successfully planted their seeds.

As mentioned above, this company offers a germination guarantee. Therefore, even if a customer’s seeds fail to germinate, they’ll get their money back. However, note that this germination guarantee only applies to specific strains. Nevertheless, it’s still an assurance that they offer high-quality seeds.

A: Although this rarely happens, customers shouldn’t worry in such cases as most companies, ILGM included, will send a new shipment for free. Clients can place a new order if they don’t receive their package within 25 days.

Q: Where does source its seeds from?

Q: What happens if my order is confiscated or lost during shipment?

Users can also read the ILGM auto-flower guide, which offers guidance on the best ways to grow these seeds for a higher germination rate.

However, one downside is that this company may not be suitable for individuals living in the UK or Canada. Plus, anyone on a tight budget may find seeds from ILGM are out of their price range.

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From selecting the beans I wanted, to creating an account, and germinating seeds ILGM and Robert definitely have you covered like a chuck wagon in the old west! I’m a first time buyer and I’m SUPER IMPRESSED. The price I thought was super high but after seeing how fast these arrived, in discreet packaging of course, I used the paper towel method and in less than 24 hours I had tap roots. I went ahead and put in a cocoloco/castings/microhizaa medium and in less than 16 hours I’ve got 1 inch tall sprouts! Out of my first trial run 6 of 8 have sprouted I’m hoping by 48 hour mark all 8 will have sprouted. I look forward to seeing these grow as most have a hobby, this is therapeutic for me and although getting freebies is something everyone enjoys like when they buy one set of beans they get a free strain or two free. Although I didn’t receive anything such as that I can already tell the quality, the service, the lightning fast discreet shipping, and the advice I’ve received is truly appreciated and priceless which is why I say that they sell a high quality product hence why the price because we all know you get what you pay for and in this case so far you might as well say I pretty much found a company who loves horticulture just as much as I do, and truly loves to make their customers happy. I’d recommend to anyone and I’ll definitely be choosing ILGM for all my future needs and I can’t wait to get a chance to grow some new strains. Until next time folks you can trust ILGM with all your growing needs, I know I do; and that’s big facts 100%. They have only they best for the best life’s a garden, can ya dig it friend?

Fast discreet shipping. Easy payment methods. Quality products.

From selection to service to germination, ILGM and Robert definitely have all your needs covered!

Communication is excellent, as are the products and the shipping. I decided to only germinate 5 seeds for a late crop and had 100% of seeds germinate in just 2 days. I am looking forward to auto flower difference in growing.

I finally got my seeds in the mail after waiting a month after the USPS lost my package. I even emailed you guys and told you that they lost it and I still had to wait the month. I had just built a new grow room and couldn’t start a plant for 6 weeks. I still have you guys 4 stars because you really are great!!

Shipping was very fast and discreet. Germination rate is 100% so far using the glass with lukewarm water method. ILGM has been extremely helpful to a beginner like me!