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ilgm seeds review

ILGM’s Quality of Seeds

Frequently Asked Questions about ILGM

Q: What happens if my order is confiscated or lost during shipment?

Anyone looking for fast shipping, a germination guarantee, and excellent customer service without minding the extra cost will find this company useful.

Customers are given instructions on how to pay via the different payment methods provided by this vendor. ILGM accepts checks, Bitcoin, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. Individuals using Bitcoin are offered a 10% discount, which, although decent, is less compared to other popular vendors.

Its mix of fruity, citrusy strains are delicious on the tongue and create a great smoke.

To continue to have full access to these educational resources, I’d suggest making an account. Having a customer account lets you track purchases, save strains, and even make wishlists.

The THC percentage varies, but it’s usually around 20%.

Stealth Shipping

All you have to do is let them know what happened and that you’ve tried the recommended steps. Then, they will work with you directly to help you return your seeds and get brand-new ones at no cost.

With how pricey their seeds are, you simply cannot pass up on any of the sales, discounts, or promotions. (And, trust me, they have a lot of them.)

Along with Bergman’s book, ILGM seed bank also offers an extensive blog full of what you’d want to know about the world of marijuana. Written by cannabis professionals, these blog posts are a great, quick read.

However, ILGM definitely doesn’t have the cheapest seeds.

Robert Bergman is an experienced marijuana grower who started the project over 25 years ago at his home with several plants. He was very enthusiastic about marijuana cultivation and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with other fans.

The juicy part is that a lot of effort and creativity has disguised the packaging. You will not find packets scandalously labeled so that they can be recognized quickly.

History is a one-of-a-kind website because the author and founder hand-pick the seeds to ensure the seed bank contains only the best. This is important because it can bring 25 years of experience to bear the selection process, ensuring that farmers receive decent products.

If you are from the United States, you can send them money directly to their American bank account. You can send them money directly to their American bank account. You can also pay them with Bill Pay or a check. If you are from Europe, you can also send your payment through their American-based account.

A team of expert breeders has handpicked each seed. ILGM also has a great facility with all the equipment for preserving the freshness and viability of all seeds.