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ilgm mix packs

One of the best places to buy excellent marijuana seed variety packs online is from I love growing marijuana, ILGM. They have some of the best seeds and are also quite popular.

Standard seeds have a 50% chance of giving rise to male plants. On the other hand, feminized seeds are bred, so they can only produce female plants. It is worth noting that female cannabis plants are the only ones that produce flowers that can be consumed.

This seed variety pack from ILGM is the best option for anyone new to growing marijuana. If it is your first time, then shop for the beginner mix to get the most out of your harvest and also have a much simpler time through the whole process.

Where to Buy Great-Value Marijuana Feminized Seed Variety Pack Online

They also have such incredible offers of feminized seeds that are value-oriented. Every pack mix and strain type has detailed information, and you are guaranteed that the seeds will germinate.

ILGM has been operational for more than two decades and is based in Holland. Based on the period they have been operating for, you can be sure that they are legitimate, especially when you consider factors like marijuana legalization and eCommerce. Mostly referred to as ILGM, I love growing marijuana ILGM is your go-to shop for a variety of feminized seeds.

You do not have to keep monitoring your garden, looking for any male plants constantly, and you will also not spend a lot on fertilizer and pesticides on the male plants only to uproot them. So the variety pack is a much better choice if you want to buy feminized cannabis seeds for your garden.

The seeds are relatively affordable and high-quality. Besides, ILGM has been running for many years, so you are guaranteed that they will deliver when you make a purchase.

Individuals can also browse seeds based on the weed type, their growing needs such as indoor or outdoor, yield, and climate. Some categories on this site include medicinal marijuana, sativas, indicas, high CBD/THC, ultra-high THC content, and more.

Q: Are there any alternative seed vendors worth checking out?

Although they offer high-quality seeds, their strain selection is quite limited. They only have 80 options to choose from. However, individuals without a specific strain in mind will easily find an acceptable strain to suit their needs. Seeds offered include feminized, auto-flowering, and fast flowering.

ILGM Seed Bank Pros

They also offer discounted mix packs, which help individuals save money. With mix packs, you can save as much as $50-$60.

A bit pricey ($120 for 15 seeds) but it was my first time ordering seeds and they looked like a reputable place. (Plus they take debit cards online although I used the bank transfer option).
Put 3 each in water on 9/27.
Soil/perlite on 10/1.
One of the OG didn’t make it so germed another. It decided to sprout tits up so lost it too. Not to happy.
So 3 Jack and Gum and 2 OG for the grow.

I’ve been really happy with the genetics so far. They have treated this noob very well. So well I already ordered my next grow from them.