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Geographically optimized seeds

Secondly, and this is what we think you’re going to find the most appealing about QCS’ product offerings, is that they have an inventory of cannabis seeds that’s suitable for any climate. QCS itself will assist you in choosing which strain is the best to grow wherever you reside with just a quick chat with their reps.

5. Seedsman – Seed Bank With Great Discounts and Promos

I Love Growing Marijuana is the brainchild of prominent cannabis grower, Robert Bergman, and is based in good ol’ Amsterdam. He started ILGM nearly a decade ago in 2012 and the company has since become one of the best seed banks operating today.

Additionally, a good seed bank almost always provides helpful guides and tips on their site, as well as proper after-sales service, such as customer support.

Additionally, you’re going to need your landowner or landlord’s permission if you want to grow your own cannabis plants in cases where you reside in apartments or rental residences.

Promotions and Discounts

ILGM Seed Bank Cons

They also offer discounted mix packs, which help individuals save money. With mix packs, you can save as much as $50-$60.

Also, note that the company ships to Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. Shipping to Europe and the USA is free. However, customers in New Zealand and Australia must spend $150 or more to enjoy free shipping. There’s also a $25 charge for tracking your order.

Amsterdam is widely known for having many cannabis coffee shops and Dutch marijuana strains, which are popular worldwide. Therefore it’s no surprise that this popular seed bank is an Amsterdam based company.

ILGM offers several promotional deals to their customers, including their 10 +10 seed promotion where individuals purchasing certain strains (ten in number) are given ten extra seeds for free. This promotion is offered on their most popular strains, and customers have about ten strains to choose from.

Customers are given instructions on how to pay via the different payment methods provided by this vendor. ILGM accepts checks, Bitcoin, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. Individuals using Bitcoin are offered a 10% discount, which, although decent, is less compared to other popular vendors.

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

Medical Strains I Love Growing Marijuana is a firm supporter of the medical use of cannabis. We’ve selected some of the best strains to support the treatment you need. High THC Guaranteed to blow your mind! Our High THC selection is perfect for those seeking some strong effects! Or try our Extreme THC strains. If you dare. Beginner Seeds For those just starting out we selected strains that are relatively easy to grow. Find the best autoflower and novice strains here. High Yield Our high yielding section contains the best cash crops we could come across.

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