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i love to grow mj

This is why many growers buy their seeds at

I Love Growing Marijuana is all about cultivating your own weed. It’s cheaper, of greater quality and fun to do! That is how Robert Bergman, founder of ILGM, started. He started by growing a few plants, increased his amount of plants, started selling to one of the biggest coffee shops in Amsterdam and became a true expert!

Our Trustpilot rating speaks for itself. Be sure to check it out.

– Shipping is free for all U.S. customers
– We guarantee your order arrives
– We guarantee that your seeds germinate

ILGM wants to help you grow the best plants. By providing all the information you need and by making sure you get great seeds to grow your tasty and juicy buds yourself! Check out the seed bank for great feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds.

Another area where ILGM is better is the 100% germination guarantee. MSNL has a high germination rate, but they do not guarantee that. If some seeds do not germinate, they will not replace them.

We wanted to give you a little more info on Bergman’s Gold Leaf, since it is one of the best-selling strains and one you can only get on ILGM. Bergman bred it specifically to be easy to grow and to deliver massive yields. It is the highest yielding strain on the site.

I Love Growing Marijuana is our favorite seed bank for US customers for a reason. They might not have the largest selection of seeds, but the ones they do have are excellent.

Best Customer Service In the Industry

Their shipping times are fast, with an average of 4 days. A big reason they can ship so quickly to the US is that they now have a warehouse in California, which also means your order won’t have to go through customs, which adds time and risk.

But they’re no longer just about education. Today, they are a full-blown seed bank and that is obviously what you are interested in. So let’s see if they’re any good.

You can pay for your order using the following methods: credit card, bank transfer (ACH or wire), check, Bill Pay, cash or Bitcoin. If you pay with Bitcoin, you get a 10% discount on your order.

The shop section of the site is excellent as well. They provide tons of info on each strain, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Generally, Quebec Cannabis Seed’s deals range from 10% to 20% off. But the best part is these are offered more regularly (on a weekly basis) than most of the competition. There’s also a 20% discount for bitcoin users!

In most of the things we do, including growing marijuana, we have to start from somewhere. And ILGM knows it only too well. Not only do they stock beginner seeds, but also they boast an extensive how-to-grow area with resources on germination, plant care, seed type, etc.

As if it’s not enough, if you don’t get the reshipment, for some reason, ILGM will deliver another package to you (a third time, yes) free of charge.

Is ILGM Legal?

Now, let’s come back to ILGM seed bank.

Examples of beginner seeds at ILGM include the following.

You can save on the company’s mix packs and grow kits, too.

ILGM’s policy is crystal clear – they will not interfere with a country’s (state’s) marijuana laws. Consequently, they will deliver cannabis seeds provided you use the products according to the prevailing weed laws in your state.