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i love growing

I Love Growing Marijuana is all about cultivating your own weed. It’s cheaper, of greater quality and fun to do! That is how Robert Bergman, founder of ILGM, started. He started by growing a few plants, increased his amount of plants, started selling to one of the biggest coffee shops in Amsterdam and became a true expert!

ILGM wants to help you grow the best plants. By providing all the information you need and by making sure you get great seeds to grow your tasty and juicy buds yourself! Check out the seed bank for great feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds.

– Shipping is free for all U.S. customers
– We guarantee your order arrives
– We guarantee that your seeds germinate

Our Trustpilot rating speaks for itself. Be sure to check it out.

This is why many growers buy their seeds at

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Project Management

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This is the same turnaround (24 hours) ILGM boasts on TrustPilot when it comes to replying to the negative comments – which are just a fraction of the total comments.

Once payment is confirmed, shipping to the US takes just 2 business days. This is subject to stock availability, though, as some strains might not be available immediately.

Shipping to Australia isn’t free and isn’t as fast as deliveries to the US. Also, Australians will incur an additional fee if they’d like to track their order.

Seedsman – Over 1,000 Strains

A mix pack boasts 3 different strains of seeds, each of which “carries” a discount. Meaning, you can get up to 50% per mix pack.

A grow kit, meanwhile, is packed with seeds, fertilizer, and plant protectors – everything you need to grow your seeds. Like mix packs, grow kits are priced competitively. Also, these vary based on your experience level, THC/CBD concentration, and type of weed strain.

This company also ships worldwide, which’s a bonus if you’re residing outside of the US or Australia – the only spots ILGM currently ships to.

To date, Bergman is still doing what he does best: connecting growers with reputable weed breeders.