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i love growing marijuana

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ILGM Seed Bank Review

They usually respond within 24 hours during the working week. There’s also a popular forum that can help people recognize and solve any problems they may face during the growing process. Sub-forums for talking about beneficial microbes, hydroponics, soil building, and so on are also available.

A: Although this rarely happens, customers shouldn’t worry in such cases as most companies, ILGM included, will send a new shipment for free. Clients can place a new order if they don’t receive their package within 25 days.

A: While the company has partnered with some breeders for certain strains, ILGM also breeds its own seeds, so customers can rest assured quality is guaranteed.

Who’s ILGM for?

Yes, ILGM does give out free seeds. However, it’s not in an obvious way like other seed banks do.

We know what you’re thinking: ILGM seeds aren’t branded, unlike some seed banks’.

And yes, they stock everything you’ll ever need to grow pot: from growth guides to fertilizer and plant protectors.

Does ILGM Give Free Seeds?

Want seeds that produce guaranteed flowers? Then you want to go the “feminized” route.

It’s no wonder ILGM’s seeds come with a 100% germination guarantee.

But does this seed bank tick the right boxes?

As if it’s not enough, if you don’t get the reshipment, for some reason, ILGM will deliver another package to you (a third time, yes) free of charge.