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i love growing marijuana reviews

I’ve had a real bad experience from them, not going into detail, but it seems he has his chick running the show sometimes

Cant go wrong with these guys if in the States:

They have a good section on pest control.
Other sections looked handy as well.


The fourom section is not as user friedly as it could be.

Good genetics. if they ever really send them or make it to your door. I got nothing but 1 pack of many that I ordered and a lot of talk, excuses & promises between. Long story short, I had to chase my cash for over 4 months. It wasnt until I became a thorn in their side before they refunded.
Their stealth is garbage and laughable at best. I dont make a habit of getting on here dissing folks or companies. but these poop stains at ILGM deserve nothing less. Unless you are in the NL, save your cash or buy elsewhere.

They seem to run a decent show and have a significant following. It’s not likely they tired to RIP you off on purpose.

Did you even attempt to contact them first to try and get a satisfactory resolution?

Unfortunately, ILGM does not to Canada – ILGM only ships to the US (all states) and Australia, at least according to their website.

Now, let’s come back to ILGM seed bank.

They breed their own seeds, in addition to sourcing them from respected breeders worldwide. They work closely with these breeders, too, throughout the breeding and seed selection process.

Does ILGM Ship to Canada?

Once payment is confirmed, shipping to the US takes just 2 business days. This is subject to stock availability, though, as some strains might not be available immediately.

This one would be an ideal alternative to ILGM if you’re seeking a wide variety of strains. They have well over 1,000 different marijuana strains, unlike ILGM that stocks about 80 of these only.

In most of the things we do, including growing marijuana, we have to start from somewhere. And ILGM knows it only too well. Not only do they stock beginner seeds, but also they boast an extensive how-to-grow area with resources on germination, plant care, seed type, etc.

Last but not least, this company boasts various discount codes (including $10 off your order) you can apply at check out.

This is another area where the company excels. But note that their phone number will not connect you to their customer support department. Therefore, anyone with any queries should use ILGM’s contact us form and not the phone line. Customers can also contact them via their email

Who’s ILGM for?

  • Prices of seeds are expensive compared to other vendors
  • They don’t ship to the UK or Canada
  • An extra $25 is charged for customers who want to track their shipment

Visit for more cannabis growing tips and seed bank reviews.

They usually respond within 24 hours during the working week. There’s also a popular forum that can help people recognize and solve any problems they may face during the growing process. Sub-forums for talking about beneficial microbes, hydroponics, soil building, and so on are also available.