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how to start marijuana seeds in paper towel

Germination itself is a crucial aspect of cannabis cultivation. The seed germination process is the foundation of every marijuana plant, and steps can be taken to boost successful popping. For example, some cultivators improve germination attempts by soaking seeds in 1% hydrogen peroxide or a compost tea for 12 hours beforehand to kill any dangerous pests.

So, you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis plants. You purchased a pack of seeds, assembled cultivation materials, cleared a space in your garden, and are ready to grow your first cannabis crop . With everything in hand, it’s time to begin the very first step of cannabis cultivation : germinating seeds.

Preparing to germinate cannabis seeds

Soil is an easy, more natural method with which to germinate your cannabis seeds because the soil protects the fragile roots from any interference. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

It’s essential to acquire high-quality cannabis seeds for germination, as these will go on to become high-quality cannabis plants. Seeds that are fresh-feeling or too green indicate that they haven’t reached full maturity, while pale-green, white, or very dark cannabis seeds may have trouble sprouting. However, it’s tricky to know the outcome of a popped seed, so trying may be worthwhile. If you’re not ready to pop your seeds yet, store them in a dark, cool place until it’s time for germination.

While many plants can be germinated in the ground, cannabis seeds are fragile enough that you should germinate them before planting.

Ensure that the seedling gets ample moisture, and if need be, use a pH meter for accuracy purposes. You don’t need to pour loads of water on the seedling as it will perhaps die. Instead, use a sprayer bottle to water your cannabis seedling.

So, how do these tools work? Well, a plug or a cube has a hole, where the cannabis grower will place their seed. That said, one needs to put that very seed on the designated hole and place their finger on the topmost part to make the seed enter the plug or cube well.

The first step to follow is ensuring that you have a ready growing medium. This could be an outdoor, indoor, or hydroponics mediums. Let’s take an example that you would like to grow cannabis in pots. The critical idea is ensuring that you fill the growing pot with sufficient soil while ensuring it is loose to make the seedling flourish stress-free.

4. Seedling plugs

The roots appear from the bottommost part of the cube, so, you need to place the cube as it is on the growing medium while factoring that that medium shouldn’t be oversoaked.

Use a pencil to bear a hole up to ¼ inches deep and transfer the seedling into the very hole using a pair of tweezers. Using your bare hands may lead to the distortion of the taproot/ white tendril. Also, ensure that this taproot is what faces downwards, and cover the seedling-to-be in a thin soil layer.

Provided you subject your seeds to the sufficient amounts of water, the taproot should appear through the shell. This is the critical time to ensure that the taproot also called the cannabis white tendril, gets water; otherwise, it will dry up should it lack water.

4. Ensure that the towel will not dry out. Put a little bit of water over it every three days.

Add enough water that all the Rapid Rooters appear dark, but not shiny from too much water. Once you’re done, put the trays back on the seedling mat. Young seedlings love warmth!

Add some water on top of the paper towels so they’re soaked through, then place seeds down. I add water first to avoid accidentally moving seeds. It’s also a good idea to keep the plate flat so seeds don’t roll around.

Did you know the first two round seedling leaves were already fully formed inside the shell? The germination process only releases them. New leaves are yellow at first but turn green once they start getting light.

6.) Place on Seedling Heat Mat

Cheap paper towels (don’t use the expensive cloth-like ones!)

Move the grow light down to the standard distance once the plants have 3 sets of leaves. By now they should be growing fast!

Rapid Rooters (note: extra Rapid Rooters can be stored in a cool place for future grows)